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5 Ways To Change Your Priorities

Results happen when you stop making priorities an option. If your business is important to you, you will make it a priority, not an option. Investing in your small business is extremely important if you want it to grow. Just wishing and hoping will not create the results you want you have to put in the effort. You need to make daily goals and on top of making them you need to strive towards completing them. 

Create Goals

How many of you actually have concrete goals that you are working towards daily. To do list and goals are two separate things. You use your weekly and daily goal list to achieve your monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. Here is a break down of some of my yearly goals:

  • Save an additional $7,000
  • Break 20,000 a month site views
  • Convert Social Media into More Sales
  • Win Forbes 100 Best Women’s Sites
  • Do a College Speaking Tour
  • Reward yourself with a 7 day international trip

I have achieved these goals by putting a plan in place that guides me daily. These goals are my priority in 2014. By using each one of these goals I can make a to do list around them to help me stay focused on my objective. My company.

Establish Points of Weakness

Do you know what areas you are weak in? You should. Knowing what your weaknesses are gives you the opportunity to seek out and receive help from others! Working out is my least favorite thing. It is not a priority to me, it’s rather an option, that happens maybe 3 days out of the week. However, as I get older I know it will become more important to make working out one of my top priorities. For my business to run effectively I must be in great health.

Partner Up With Others

Where you are weak others are strong. If you want to take your business to the next level but suffer in areas such as business models, customer acquisition, social media and website design, it would beseech you to work with others who are strong in those areas. In this last year I have learned more and more about graphic design. It has saved my business thousands of dollars from not outsourcing. Partnering up with graphic designers and website designers has made my skills stronger. In the same instance, I am building their business by getting one on one coaching sessions.

Change Your Environment + Mindset

Are you in a toxic environment that has you in the dumps? That specific place you’re at in your life can drastically affect your mindset and how you see your priorities. If you surround yourself with people who are mediocre and are not wanting to go to higher levels in their life it can make you feel like you should settle too. I tell coaching or consulting clients all the time that if it means living way below your means to get into a better place then do it. You don’t need that fancy car, apartment, or handbag if it comes with toxic carry-on bags you can’t get rid of!

Surround Yourself With Your Priorities

Getting back to our first point…are you engulfed with your priorities? Can you see them all over your house and in your life. When you wake up do you have a to do list on your night stand directing you to what your day should be like? Or are you grumbling because you are upset you have to work at a job you hate. It’s time to get rid of the options and focus heavily on the priorities that can help you change your life.

How can you want something you are not making a priority? You can have your cake and eat it too, but you need to make sure you are feeding your business. I had to learn to let go of certain things I deemed necessities in order for my business to succeed.

Your business is your priority. What can you do today to change the progress of your business’ growth in the next 4 months?

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