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Preparing Your Small Business For Holiday Season 2016

As of today, we are under the 200 day count down for Christmas 2016.  I truly want you as business owners to succeed. That means establishing a plan now verses later. Which a plethora of small business owners do. They wait until November 1st to think about holiday season. You need to be creating plans now, getting imagery ready and more. Let me break it down for you.

How Not To Be Overwhelmed

Too many people go into holiday season completely blind at what they want to achieve. They have no marketing, social media, website, or email marketing plan. This is a huge no, no and one the main reasons you are overwhelmed this holiday season.  Time yo ask yourself what do you want to achieve this holiday season?

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Plan A Holiday Trunk Show

A few of my favorite things to do during the holidays outside of going to see the lights displayed on homes and going to the ballet, are shopping trunk shows, farmer’s markets, and local businesses. If you own an online store, this is the perfect time to actually get in front of your customer base. Interact with them so they can put a face to the company.

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Optimize Your Website

It’s that time of year where everyone is excited to shop, eat, travel, and experience life. As a business owner, this is one of the busiest seasons of the year for you. Last year, my digital products from ICB Consults brought in thousands of dollars between November and December. I’m getting my business ready to triple sales numbers from last year. That means optimizing my website for the holiday season.

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Create A Marketing Plan

If you currently walk into Target, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, or Dollar Tree they are pushing Christmas decorative products already. They know this is a billion dollar industry season and they want their large slice of the pie. Small business owners can tap into the “push” of the holiday season just as seamlessly as the bigger competitors.

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Vert12_Preparing Your Small Business For The 2016 Holiday Season

Marketing On A Budget

One thing that is common amongst those who start a small business is a tight or non-existent budget for their company’s holiday marketing campaign. Which is understandable and at the same time fixable. To help you make the most of your holiday season for your small business, we have created a how to on holiday marketing campaigns for various budget levels. This will help you maximize your dollar and get a great investment return.

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Creating Call To Actions

Holiday season is fast approaching, and the best way to ensure that your sales are up during that time of year is to prepare now. We have discussed the importance of calls to action before. If you are unfamiliar with what a CTA banner is brush up by reading our How To Create Calls of Action article.

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Black Friday

As of today, we are roughly 21 days away from Black Friday the true market of holiday season for a majority of retailers and much more. One thing, that is stated year after year is Black Friday is the day that brings in millions of dollars for companies in one single day. Is it possible for you as a business owner to get a slice of the pie?

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Maximize Small Business Saturday

November 28th is Small Business Saturday. Yes, we are less than 2 weeks away from a day designed to bring awareness to your small business and millions of others across the United States.

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This is a very comprehensive list of actions for you to work on for the next couple of months. Well, hey its all covered in the eight post. Last year, I created a holiday guide for small business owners, you should check it out.

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