Cool Features To Utilize In Mailchimp To Help Grow Brand Awareness

Over the last six months or so, I have been writing about Mailchimp for business owners. I truly believe that email marketing sometimes get a bad rap, but the way aligorthrims are changing in Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram the days of free social media marketing are headed for a hard pivot to push the small business owners out the door.

Being able to capitalize off of email marketing as a means to grow your brand awareness is very important for small business owners. As I have said in articles such as; email marketing is better than social media, 5 things every newsletter campaign needs and call to actions in email marketing. Always know people will not just randomly just change their email addresses nor do they do fasts or detoxes from them. We are attached to our phones, especially that new email ding.

Automation Of VIP Treatment

One cool feature to utilize in Mailchimp will most definitely be the automation tool. Yes, it is a paid feature but how you will use it will be well worth it. In the how to provide your customers with luxury experience, I discussed how important it is to make your customers feel amazing. On your website you can have a sign up form that includes information such as their birthday. Automation will allow you to send a mass design campaign that wishes them their birthday on the first of the month. Including a very special discount for them to use.

Three amazing features to utilize in Mailchimp to help you grow your brand amongst your target audience. | Imperfect Concepts #mailchimp #smallbusiness #blogging

Forward To A Friend

This is a really great option for you to ask your subscribers to forward to their friends. Your customers are your best ambassadors for your business. Not everyone who shops your store will sign up for your newsletter but the ones who do really want to know whats going in your business. Allow them to be your army by sharing your emails with their friends.


One of my favorite three features in Mailchimp to utilize to grow your brand awareness is SNAP. You can take photos that you have shared on social media to your newsletter subscribers. Especially if your imagery has already resonated with on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Adding a simple message such as loved the photo we shared online buy it right now on your phone. Then add a buy now link that directs them to that exact item.

These are just three cool features that you are able to use within the Mailchimp email providing system. I really want more small business owners to see the benefits of email marketing. Personally been able to track sales to when a new campaign is sent to my audience.

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