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Establishing Call To Actions For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Earlier this month I helped you create templates for your email marketing campaigns in Mailchimp. If you have not read that article check it out, it will help you with this piece. Email marketing is huge no matter the size of your business. It is essential that you are sending them out to your audience on a regular basis. What is even more is that the content is engaging them by starting conversation, purchases and more. Otherwise, your campaigns are not giving you a ROI for your business. 

One of the most important thing about your banners is that they establish action from your audience that causes them to engage be by sharing it, tweeting you or purchasing something. That means directing them to do something. You can see by the images below they direct them to immediately do something.

Call To Action Banners In Mailchimp newsletter. | Imperfect Concepts #mailchimp #emailmarketing #calltoaction #smallbusiness

The graphics direct them to either Power Business Consulting or KSYE Consultation. If you are product based company you can direct them to specific products or even blog post. Its about leading them some where not just hoping they do.

Designing Your Visual Call To Actions

Sticking to your companies color scheme in your newsletters is important. You are making sure your building brand awareness. When you think Coca Cola you think red and white. When you think Pespi you think Blue, Red and white. You are conditioning your audience to who your brand is subsconciously. Make sure your imagery in your newsletter is aligned with your brand. If you are a clean, crisp and classic brand throwing spikes and neon colors will confuse your audience.

There are two important aspects of creating call to action for your email marketing campaign that bring you a ROI. | Imperfect Concepts #calltoaction #emailmarketing #newsletter #mailchimp

Hyperlinking Your Call To Actions Banners

Something very important when placing banners, graphics and more in your newsletters make sure that you hyper link the image too. People tend to click the most obscure places when reading. Its better to make sure your call to actions are all linked. When hyperlinking words make sure they are part of the color scheme too, don’t just leave them blue or black. You want them to pop out so people know to click, a call to action.

Hyperlinking Your CTA Banners Mailchimp. | Imperfect Concepts #mailchimp #smallbusiness #emailmarketing

I even use my section headers as call to actions in my newsletter. I let them know what is about to happen and nine times our of ten the word in pink font is hyper linked to direct them somewhere. Your email marketing is an extension of your website. You need to be directing your customers if you want it to produces results for your small business.

Every newsletter campaign you are sending out serves a purpose and you want to make sure you are receiving a return on your investment each time. Inserting call to actions in your email marketing will help you engage your audience, increase sales and much more.

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