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Branding Materials For Online Boutiques

There is nothing like opening a well curated purchase from a small business. The thought and time a person puts into their packaging actually shows and makes you want to support them more. They understand that every last minute detail matters so they make sure to take care of it. 

Big brands such as Kate Spade understand this. Recently a client, DSR Apparel, launched and I ordered the Women Empowerment T-shirt. Over the six months I worked with Jessica I hammered in the details of packaging because it can make or break your business. Customers don’t want their orders just arriving and there is no wow factor.

Jessica hit it right on the nail with her packaging: from poly-mailer to the quote cards she inserted. Lets discuss how to use branding materials for your online boutique to amaze your customers.

Business Cards

We have discussed why business cards matter before, but hey, they are always a worthy subject matter. When IC was an online boutique, in every order I placed 3 business cards. This helped customers spread the word about my company. They were equipped with my card. Imperfect Concepts is not a common online boutique name. So, it helped tremendously. By making sure your cards are unique you can use them to speak for your brand.

Branding Your Company Business Cards

Stationery For Business

Snail mail still has a special place in my heart. I love checking the mail and seeing handwritten letters. It means that person took their time to let you know you matter. What makes it even better is custom stationery. Sending thank-you cards is great too. However, gorgeous stationery goes above and beyond because it’s like letter-press; a lost art. I currently use my company stationery to write letters to people who I admire when a thank-you card is too small or I just want to be really fancy.

Branding Your Company Stationary


Address Labels

There is power in the address label. Its one of those small details that people miss but customers appreciated. Personally there are days my handwriting is amazing and then others it is atrocious. Having beautiful address labels come in hand. For a long time I use to hoard the free ones that came in the mail. Then one day I ran out and realized how important they were to my snail mail. Now I have beautiful address labels that I use to mail my letters no matter if it is personal or a bill. The devil is in the details.

Branding Your Company Address Labels

Thank-You Cards

One thing IC was known for was its handwritten thank-you cards. This is something I did with every order. Even with friends because I wanted people to know how important they were to me. In addition to that, I hoped they would love their new piece and that it worked well in their wardrobe. Now I advise clients on having a combination card. A card that tells a customer thank you, offers them a discount for their next purchase, and care card if necessary. Your thank-you cards do not have to be handwritten. You can go with a generic message then sign the card to add that touch. It’s all up to you.

Branding Your Company Thank You Cards


Custom Stickers

Sealing orders can be done with detail or not. It’s that simple. Personally, I suggest clients get t-shirt clear bags for their clothing merchandise. After the receipt, thank you card and business card are inserted you place a sticker with your logo on it. Some clients do their logo’s and others do their url plus their social media name. Which ever works for you. You want to make sure you are branding your product with all the essential details so people become familiar with your company.

If you would like another post on how to make a combination card for your business respond with questions and a follow-up post will be created.

What are your thoughts on these four detail-oriented points to help brand your company? Is this something you already do or are planning on implementing?

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