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Celebrating 5 Years In Business

Can you believe it? Imperfect Concepts has been in business for 5 years! It is mind blowing to me and I own the company. My company all started when I decided to quit my job as a manager and just do what I love. This hasn’t been all glitter and rainbows; it has taught me a plethora of lessons. I thought it would be great to share some helpful tips from my journey.

Follow Your Gut

Go with your first thought. This is your business, not your momma’s, granny’s, bestie or spouse, it is yours. Your gut is your best friend when starting out. If you can’t find sound advice on google from a VERY RELIABLE source go with your gut. Or better yet go with the first thought that sounds right to you. Do I wish I could take some moments back, no not really, it taught me so much in business and in life. Stand on your own two feet.

Get A Tribe

A girl is nothing without her friends. My tribe has decreased and grown at the same time in the five years of running my business. Running a business is NOT easy. It is not a fairytale nor does it look like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex In The City. It is serious work that will make you question your every step. When I first started I made a lot of mistakes but my tribe got me in order. They kept me focused and from throwing in the towel. A good majority of my friends have businesses now, but when I started out I had no one I knew to learn from. Having a diverse tribe will help you grow into an amazing person and change the climate of your business.

Failing Is Your Friend

How you see failure says a lot about your future. We are taught that failure is negative and success is positive. I am telling you failing can be wonderfully positive for your business. Failing allows you to learn what does and doesn’t work for your business. Trying to do a “pop up shop” tour was a bust for me. Trying to force new ebook content was also a bust but then it turned into an amazing series {payment getaway series}. When you are learning from your failures, you are winning.

Learn To Pivot

If you are in the tech sector of the startup world sometimes the word pivot gets a bad wrap. Honestly, when I launched my business I never thought I would have to pivot. There were days I dreamed of an office space with 20 employees running a kick ass company. Then going into the 4th year I knew my heart wasn’t there. However, I wanted to have a bigger impact on people’s lives not just their wardrobe. After talking to a few friends, ICB Consults was formed. I was making the exact income as the resale boutique. I had to pivot my business to something else. If you have to do that for your business, DO IT!!! Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Do what’s best for you. The impact I have had on others because of it is well worth it.

What is a celebration without gifts. Yes, I got you all gifts as a way to say THANKS for being there for Imperfect Concepts throughout the last five years.

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