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The Basics Of Email Marketing You Need To Understand

Funny a couple years ago, I was not the greatest at utilizing email marketing to grow my brand awareness. At the infancy stage of my business I couldn’t figure out how to properly utilizing it for my business and simple threw stuff together. Never truly aligning with my brand. First, let me share you don’t need serious graphic design skills to design a newsletter that wows your customers. 

Set Time Aside

Everyone’s favorite excuse on why they can’t do something is, time. Time has never done a thing to you but give you plenty of opportunities to win. If you, have read Power In One Hour blog post I take setting aside time very seriously. The best thing about this if you set aside the time to set up automation, build templates and create list you are just inputing information when its time to send. If you’re new to email marketing set one hour a week to do the basics.

Build Templates

OMG, this is my favorite thing about email marketing. When I first started creating newsletters for my audiences I never thought of creating different templates. Every time I would log in and build a new campaign from scratch wasting my time and creating frustration. Here are a couple templates I personally have;

  • New Merchandise
  • Monthly Insight
  • Holiday Promotion
  • Sale Time

4 Insider Tips on how to slay your email marketing campaigns with ease. | Imperfect ConceptsCreate List

Everyone who is signed for your email list does not need to receive every campaign you send out. One of the best tips I can give you is create several different list. If you do a plethora of pop up shops, farmer markets or vending locally, you need a list for your city. So, the week of and day of your event you can send those readers a specific email alerting them. List are perfect way to segment your readers into the right groups. Here are a couple of examples of list I have:

  • Local customers
  • KSYE Customers
  • Etsy Customers
  • Website Sign Up
  • Social Media Sign Up

By creating all these list I am able to send the right people the information they need. Think you hate being spammed with content that is not related to you. So, do your readers.


Clients tell me all the time they don’t have content for their readers. If you’re a product based company your product is your content. If you’re a service based company your advice and insight is your content. We make things too dang hard. Here are a couple examples of newsletters I designed for my client:email marketing template example from Imperfect Concepts

Kept the newsletter very simple announcing Friends & Family sale, sharing how they can book private trunk show and showing off clients wearing pieces. The one below has a section for haul videos. You can place link to your blog post or even press feature.

email marketing template example from Imperfect Concepts

Social media is forever changing. At least with email marketing your customers are truly opt in to knowing what is going on with your brand. Launching a video with Kick Start Your eCommerce that teaches even more in depth information on how to build brand awareness through email marketing.

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