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Organized Chic Living For Your Home Office

Hello, this is Naisha of Brownstone Closets. Tasha asked me to do a guest post today to close out the home office series. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the series do so. Pinterest Worthy Inspiration and  7 Essential For Your Home Office were all amazing articles to help you on the road to creating your dream office space.

Organized living is one of the keys to a stress free life. I know that I start to get a little crazy when things are out of order in my space. Everything in my apartment has a home; keys go on the plant stand right by the door, paper towels go in the bottom cabinet NEXT to the dishwasher and so on. It makes my life easier. I LOVE, and I mean LOVE to see things nicely lined, stacked, folded, or hung.


Everything Has A Home

A Place For Everything

Tidy space tidy mind holds true in so many ways. When your space is in order, your mind can focus on the things that are meaningful such as family and friends or your newly launched business.  😉  There is something to be said about walking to a file cabinet or decorative box and pulling out what you need without frustration and then putting it back exactly where you got it from…it is freeing… trust me on this.  Organization can save you time and stress.


Chalk Board File Cabinet

Chalkboard File Cabinet

Chic is one of my favorite words. I know that sounds funny but I love saying it! The word chic is defined as casual and understated style; dress or decor… Chic isn’t flashy or loud but simple and elegant. Guess what? Organization can be simple and elegant, too!


Organization Can Be Chic

Book Shelve Chic Layout

Living an organized life requires putting solid systems in place so that organization can be maintained. Having a place where you sit down and pay bills each month can keep you on track financially. You’re training yourself to be disciplined and responsible, which can be a whole new level of freedom. This place is dedicated to handling your business… it has a home.


Creating Systems - Business Handling Station

Creating Systems – Business Handling Station

Once you have these systems in place, you have more time to enjoy with your loved ones.. to LIVE. Make sure to comment below. I’d love to hear your Organized. Chic. Living tips.

Image by Tobias Mik; Common Creative 

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