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Elements of A Stellar About Page

Last month I wrote about, establishing a better contact form and it was received very well. Honestly, I think those little details regarding about pages and contact forms matter. My about page is always in the top ten views on my analytical for the website. People want to know about who they are supporting, sites they are reading and more. Personally, I feel uneasy when I go to website and they are missing an about page. Scam, fraud and more start flashing in my mind. I know that seems like a lot for a missing about page but I think why do they not have one. What are they trying to hide from me as a consumer. 

Writing About Yourself

Some people hate writing about themselves and some love it. I tend to keep very short and sweet. Think about the 5 things you would tell someone immediately if they asked about you. Thats your personal about for this page, no need to do a fill in the blank form that has no personality. Your audience is not asking for a thesis on who you are. They just want to know a little bit that will resonate trust in their eyes.

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Writing About Your Business

Who is your business. This should be where all your passion comes from when its time to write. When I have to tell people about one of my four companies my eyes light up and I am ready to tell them how I want to change the world by helping a million women through entrepreneurship. Let people know your why of this company and what your mission is. The why is what resonates with people and why they trust you.


Creative About Page for Imperfect Concepts

Adding your personality your about page so important that it doesn’t blend in or bore others. You want people to have a sense as who you are a business owner and a business. I love pretty things, shapes, texture mixing and layers. That is something that makes me happy beyond to see all those elements together to make a stellar about page. One of the things that was important to me this go around with designing my website was adding some favorites to my page. I wanted them to know Tasha the person not just the business person.

Sketch It Out

About Tasha owner of Imperfect Concepts

If you have been reading this site for the last year my favorite thing to suggest is sketch it out. Literally, this is how I flush things out. I would be lost if someone stole one of my two sketch books. They have all my ideas in their. When deciding the about page for this website I designed all this in a my pad and then sent it over to my designer. This made it go faster when creating the website.

Cool Elements

You do not have to create the standard about page for your business. If your a audio and visual personal creating a video is a great way to connect with your audience. People say they love hearing my Texas accent. I find it funny but I don’t realize I have one. Wave Apps has a very detailed about page, this is great if there is more than one person who works at the company. Or you could even do a timeline showing the start to now of your business.

Your about page is a key element in building trust with your audience. Especially, those who hear about you through the grapevine or other mediums. Allow them to see who you are and who your business is.

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