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7 Essentials For The Home Office

Everyone is always ecstatic about the launch of their business. Who wouldn’t be?… It’s a beautiful thing to take that leap towards your dreams. In the last year, since launching ICB Consults I have noticed how people don’t put much effort or any effort at all into their home office.

We created this home office decor series to help inspire you. 

Designate Space

How To designate office space

Parkwood Road Residence Office

It is extremely important that you carve out a space in your home that is solely for your office area. This will get you focused. I remember when I started my business five years ago my office space was my bed or couch. Let’s just say I was not that productive in those areas of my home. Which lead me on a trip to Ikea. Even if your apartment is super tiny you can make one corner of it your office space.


How To Pick The Right Desk For Home Office

 Building Your Workspace

A desk with a chair is a must for your space to start feeling complete. Currently, I’m using the same desk I bought 5 years ago from Ikea. I actually saw it on the Bleed For Fashion website and immediately went to purchase it. Your desk does not need to be worth a million dollars for it to serve its purpose. Mine is a glass top then has two white wire basket doors that I use for drawer space, in addition, to keep it up. I remember a time every one wanted the Parson desk from West Elm. It is a beautiful desk. Just make sure it functions how you need it.

Laptop or Desktop

desktop for home office


I was going to say you can’t run a business without a laptop or a desktop but that is not true. If you have a tablet you can do it too. Regardless, you need something you can see your orders and dashboard on. I have been using Apple products since 1998 so I am slightly basis when it comes to technology. Make sure you find one in YOUR  BUDGET that you can pay cash for it if you do not already have one.


Picking the right printer for home officeHome Office Printer

To my surprise there are so many people who do not have printers in their home office. This was a no-brainer for me. I’m constantly needing to print, click, and ship labels, invoices, and more. Having one was on the top of my list. When looking for a printer make sure it is wireless, has blue tooth capabilities, and see how many sheets of paper it can print. I know that sounds like common sense. However, after time printers can be worn down and parts can break.

Basic Office Supplies

Basic office suppliesGold Office Supplies (drools)

What is an office without calendars, notebooks, pens, and paper? You should always have basic office supplies on hand: stapler, post-its, pens, tape, paper clips, scissors, note pad; the essentials. Personally, I consider stationery and thank you cards office supplies. In addition to stamps. Being that I write almost 20 letters a month. Everyone loves a little snail mail in their life. Also, having a wall calendar or desk calendar is great when you do not have your planner on you. 

Storage Space

How to Style Expedit from Ikea bookshelvesExpedit from Ikea

Clutter is the enemy. Everything in your office should have a place for itself. Ikea bookshelves help me store all my books plus other things. You can buy gorgeous decorative boxes that you can store items in. That way your office is nicely put together. I purchased an old file cabinet from the thrift store for $5. Sprayed it white and then added some rhinestones to make it girlie. Makes a great piece in my office now.

Inspiration Board

inspiration or mood board for officeCurated Cork Board

You need to be inspired when you are working. Buy a corkboard that can go over your desk or behind it. You will be using this as a place to showcase inspiring stories, articles, and photos. Think Pinterest for your home office. Make a mood board for upcoming seasons and whatever drives you. Mine is divided between to-do list/projects and motivation. Keeps me focused on the future.

What are your thoughts on the 7 essentials for the home office? Do you have all this done for yours? What are you needing to get done today to make your home office your sanctuary?

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

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