Ten Ways To Drive Traffic Towards Your Website

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No matter, if you’re a product or service based business driving traffic to your website is important. I know you prefer creating, designing, purchasing the products, and all the other aspects of business and selling feel icky to you, but it doesn’t have to be. Over the last eight years of business, I have used several ways to drive traffic to my website for new products, service launches and much more.

Customer Referral

I am very blessed that a large majority of my digital sales and clients have come from customer referrals. Actually, I pride myself in this because it means I created an impression that was lasting along with a solid product that others want to refer to friends, family, or social media buddies. Your existing clients or customers are the best marketing tools that you have in business. There is nothing wrong with asking them to share your business with others. If you already have a great product or service they will want to share this. Make sure you equip your supporters with the right tools to help promote your business.

Blog or Vlog Post

There are some people who are really great at writing content and there are others who prefer do video. Whichever one you prefer it is imperative you create a system to educate your target audience about your products or services. Before you launch a new service or product start building buzz around it with content creation. You can microblog or vlog utilizing social media platforms such as; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube. Honestly, if I did not blog or microblog I would not have landed a plethora of my consulting clients.

Newsletter Content

When I send out a newsletter to my existing audience, not only do I land sales from my subscribers they forward my content to their friends. Last year, one of my clients shared with me that a friend was always forwarding my monthly newsletter campaigns to her. One thing, I share with product based businesses is to send campaigns out about new arrivals, sales, and upcoming promotions. More consumers are shopping on their phone versus their desktops. If I was to receive a newsletter with an item I would like to purchase it would be nothing to click on it right then to purchase versus if I saw it on Instagram there are added steps I would need to take.

Affiliate Programs

I know affiliate marketing does get a bad word, but trust me if done right it can be a good thing for your business model. In the service industry, a large number of individuals utilize this method help drive traffic to their new products. You are paying others to promote your product to their audience. There are people all over the world who use affiliate programs to grow their business.

Guest Blogging

If you’re a service based business hop on social media and ask others who are looking for a guest blogger on xyz subject matter. This allows you connect with another audience you would never have reached on your own. For example, my goal is to launch a couple new series on the blog that highlights other service-based business owners. They will be educating their potential clients on services and much more.

Special Offer

One of my favorite things to tell my product based clients is give something away when people purchase. People love free stuff for some reason, lol. If you’re a jewelry company what is it to purchase 50 lower end earrings that cost you $2 a piece and have them as a special gift for people who spend over $50 or more dollars during the new launch. Create special offers that make your audience want to opt-in immediately and shop.

Free Challenge

The free challenge is something a plethora of service-based business owners do prior to launching their new eCourse, service, digital product, and more. The practice is used to not only build their list, but they are building trust and educating their audience. Make sure that your free challenge adds value to their business this is a key if you want them to buy a product from you after the challenge ends. I would personally suggest keeping your challenge under five days because you want them to be able to achieve each task daily. Also, allow users grace to finish the challenge. Recently, I participated in one and literally two days after the challenge was done all the information was removed from the website created. Life happens and people cannot do things on your time schedule sometimes, give them a week’s grace.

Ask For Reviews

When is the last time you asked your audience to review products or services they have already purchased from you? eCommerce platforms such as WordPress or Shopify have options in place to allow your customers to leave reviews. When you’re launching a new product or service you tend to test them out with a small group of individuals. Outside of the review, what else are you gaining from giving away product? Did you ask them to post on social media, write a blog post, leave a review on Facebook? Yes, Facebook allows your audience to leave reviews too.

Facebook or Instagram Live

Video content is huge for all social media platforms. Last month, Facebook acquired a platform to compete with Youtube because they know it’s user base is video content drive. One thing, I truly love is watching Facebook or Instagram live content from various users giving me a behind the scenes information on what is going on. Recently, I watched one of my favorite YouTubers for almost 30 minutes as she was taking us her audience with her throughout the day. Take advantage of these platforms to engage your audience where they are and showing off your new product or educate them.

Pin Away On Pinterest

How many boards do you currently have where you can promote your products? I am betting you only have a new product board or a board regarding your services. If you really want to grow your social media platform and drive traffic to your website it is best you have five or more boards you can pin your content to. One of my favorite tools for Pinterest is Tailwind app that I discovered last year. It not only helped me increase my numbers and drive traffic to my website, it gave me time back to do other things because it was all automated. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing search engine websites out there. Yes, I categorize it as a search engine because people are searching, cataloging, and more.

These are just ten simple ways to drive traffic to your website when launching a new product or service for your audience. The most important thing to do is understand what your target audience wants and market in a way they will want to support you.

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