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Four Keys To Building A Successful Brand Over Time

The other day, while talking to a former client D’Cher of Shop Love Peridot, we were discussing a website and other things. I had mentioned on twitter I was looking for a particular style necklace and she sent me a couple companies to check out. During the browsing of their websites, I had a complete aha moment. I know several successful companies that most of my followers do not know of because they are Texas based. The owners are billionaires, millionaires and high earning six figure companies. They have four key elements that make their company successful. 

I know nowadays people are giving you a long list of things you need to do to be successful in business. Honestly, I believe those laundry lists are long and wrong. The formula is simpler than that and it can be obtained through hard work.

Amazing Product or Service

Everyone reading this post has a product or service they are wanting to get in front of others. However, how amazing is your product or service? Is it write home to mom level amazing, share with your friends, dedicate a social media post or tell a stranger about? I have done all these when I found amazing product or services that I wanted to share with others. This is how I built my business. There is no paid social media campaign, advertisements or first purchase cards. I started my company with $400 and grew it to a six-figure company by having amazing products and services. My customers and clients expand the global.

When you look at your product or service does it wow you? Brittney of Oh Honey Skincare products wow people, when she first launched people would constantly text, call or send me messages saying not only is the packaging professional but it is a superb product that they have to tell others about. Her company just turned two this past January. We focused on these four elements for her business and I know she will have a multi-million dollar company soon. One thing product based companies fail to do is have amazing packaging. Not just the label on the product, but the packaging the item is wrapped in, shipped in and more. All those small details tie into who your brand is and will appear to be in front of your target audience.

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Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important keys to a successful company in my opinion. How you treated your customers will make or break your company. In the almost eight years of running a company, I have seen all types of customers with lengthy emails and more. How you handle them will either help your company or hurt your company? First, let me state the customer is NOT always right no matter what others say. There are people out there lying, stealing and cheating others.


Every company I love dearly has a website for me to share with others, it might not be the best but they have one. However, in this day in age, I believe everyone can have an amazing website even on a limited budget. This is why I am hosting monthly workshops on this subject matter. Too many people throw up a website and never think about it. Your website should be beautifully designed even if you only have $500 or less. Companies such as WordPress, Squarespace, Wix and Shopify all can help you do this on a limited budget. Creating the visuals can be done low cost utilizing sites such as; Fiverr, Canva or Picmonkey.

Engagement Tool

You’re probably wondering what are engagement tools? They are tools that are designed to help you forge a deeper relationship with your potential and current customers. Social media, blogging and email marketing are three popular ones that business owners use. As I suggested last month, in Is Social Media Blogging and Email Marketing Running You Raggedy article its best to pick one of the three and dominate in them. My business is pretty boring so there are not many glamours moments to share on social media. I tend to focus on blogging and monthly email marketing. This gives my audience a way to connect with me deeper. Whichever engagement tool you chose to use make sure you’re very consistent with it. Do not put the pressure to be perfect. Create a plan that you can stick to and doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Having an amazing product or service, good website, great customer service and means to engage your audience are four keys to building a successful brand over time.

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