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Social Media, Email Marketing, and Podcast; Which One Is Best For You

There is a plethora of questions I receive on a given day. One of the most common questions deal with social media, email marketing and podcast which one is best for you as small business owners. This is a great question to ask and figure out for you as a business owner. Especially, if you’re just starting out and all the nose in the blogosphere is confusing you on what you need to be doing. 

Who Are You

This is important question you need to ask yourself before diving into the different platforms to reach your audience. Tasha is a private business owners who rather spends hours writing content for the blog or creating digital products. I per se do not like the sound of my voice. Even though I have over 20 video content ideas for my youtube channel sitting down and doing is more work than writing. So, who are you is the question you need to ask. I know its easier for some to connect and socialize on social media. Others prefer to focus on having their voices heard literally for podcast.

Social Media

There are over 300+ social media platforms for you to join as a business owner. That overwhelms me thinking about that. My favorite social media channels are Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. I love how I am able to connect on each platform differently and my audience sees me in different life. You see a more unfiltered real life Tasha on Snapchat from what I am eating to my thoughts on the industry. Social media is micro blogging to me. I am able to share whats going on in real time. Your social media presence is extension of your website in my opinion. One thing about social media is you have to stick to a schedule and be consistent with your voice.

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Email Marketing

I have a love hate relationship with email marketing being that I am a service based company verse a product based company. For the longest I struggled with what should the content bTe for the newsletter. I read comments from readers on forums about how they hate when bloggers take old content and repurpose it. Or they just share the recaps. We all know that your target audience is in love with their phones. On average a person checks their phone 75 times in a day. This is not even counting if they have notifications on their phone. Your campaigns are the tips of your customers finger tips. Now, when I send out email campaigns I structure them to share information or a business tip at the start. Then I share the top four post on the site. This helps bring traffic to the site if people missed those post. Finally, I share a couple businesses others can support and a list of links I read. Since changing the style of my newsletter I have gotten more feedback than ever.


Podcast are a great means for those who want their words heard by the masses. I have a couple clients who once a week sit in their make shift studios and record a couple of podcast for their audience. They are not writers. They are also their audience. Super busy and want to learn on the go. People ask me what podcast I listen to all the time. I am not a podcaster listener because I am always busy writing and I will become distracted. Even when I am jogging I am consumed my thoughts. I tried listen to several people but it wasn’t for me. If you are considering doing a podcast just remember that you need to be consistent. One podcast a month is not going to build a mass following for your brand.

Social media, email marketing and podcast are all different platforms you have to know if your voice will be you on them. I am Tasha no matter the platform you find me on. However, I will not put my brand on a platform because the masses feel it will work. You will struggle to work with that platform

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