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9 Things You Should Share On Your Social Media Profiles

When talking to clients and social media followers people always ask me what do they share on their business social media platforms. So many people share the do’s and don’ts of social media and it can be really confusing. Trust me I get it and understand the confusion of being business professional but showing your personality too. Especially, new business owners who are just trying to put their best foot forward.

After being in business for almost seven years I have seen how social media has changed when you just get the hang of it. Today, I want to share nine things you can share on social media profiles as small business owner no matter if that platforms change.

Current Events

One of these easy things to discuss on social media is current events. First, know you don’t have to express your thoughts on every current event. Your views might not be your audiences but that is okay. Its great to have conversations with others.

Live Tweeting TV Shows

Everyone knows I was a huge Scandal fan watching every Thursday night faithfully. Legit stop watching Parenthood at that time because I had to live tweet Scandal. This a great way to connect with your audience. Jessica of DSR Apparel legit connected off our love for Criminal Minds. Try live tweeting some of your favorite shows.

Behind The Scenes

Earlier this year when I was launching several of my products for ICB Consults, I made a point to show BTS video or photos of the products. This is a great way to get your audience to connect with the product before it comes out. They feel its a must buy since they have emotional attachment to it.

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This ties into BTS photos that you share. Learn how to mix your products into your feed without being to heavy of a seller. A great way to share your products is sharing clients wearing or using them. One you are highlighting your customers and then showing products. Tell your customers to tag you in their photos or to use a specific hashtag.


Are really simple and easy to share with your audience. You can do funny ones like “I want someone to look at me the way I look at my Chanel.” or deep ones that reflect the current moments. Don’t feel limited. If it resonates with you and your business go with it. Stick to a color them when posting quotes. Don’t just steal one off someone else page.


I love interior design. Heck, I just love pretty things in general. If you see a bedroom, a pair of heels, a photo or whatever that inspires you as a business owner share it. Make sure you credit the source when sharing. Its kinda cool to know my audience and I share the same test when it comes certain things. Eyeing the same pieces for our homes, closet and more.

Your Life

Its okay to show yourself in the bed eating ice cream while you’re listening to a podcast. Well, I did a couple weeks ago. Its my life and I want my audience to know I am not just some serious business owner all the time. I wear thermal pjs and eat Coldstone Creamy.


In the last year, I have travel every month this year besides one. Every time, I traveled I made sure to show off my travels. I wanted my audience to connect with me as a business owner. Seeing me travel to Las Vegas, Atlanta, NY, Miami, Houston and more. Its part of my  business even me standing at the baggage claiming praying no one stole my luggage.


Who are you when you’re off the clock. Most people recognize me in public based off my shoes. I tend to show them off and people have legit came up to me like are you Tasha of Imperfect Concepts. I love shoes and my audience knows it.

One of the best tips I can give you about the content you share on your business social media is be authentic. Don’t do it because everyone else is doing and you want your timeline to look like your competitors. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t share it. Find the content you want to share on each platform and go from there.

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