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So You Launched Your Business…Now What Happens?

Launching a business brings a true mixture of emotions, that arise in you once you are in the final lap of getting everything off the ground. Especially the day before you launch your company, you tend to get into your feelings. Then after you land that first sale and see everything is right, you think I have launched my business now what happens. Well, you know have a legit business especially if you followed the insight in Kick Start Your eCommerce and Launch Week ebooks. 

Checking Dashboard

The first thing I did when I had a boutique was check my dashboard soon as I woke up. Yes, you get an email notification when an order happen, but there is other goodness on your website. Study the numbers for your website. What pages have higher exit rates or bounce rates? Who is referring you customers. Track all that information to help your customers have a better shopping experience. Keep an eye on your inventory.

Process Orders

This might seem like something obvious, but so many times people become overwhelm and try to do things all at once. In canned email article we talked about having scripts for your customers when general questions arise. One general question is when will my order be processed or shipped. Do not try to process and ship orders all in one day. As, I teach clients designate days for those task.

Meeting Clients

One question my service base clients ask me all the time is “how I balance consulting and meeting new clients.” When it comes to ICB Consults, I only consult on Tuesday. There has been times a call has been schedule on Saturday because unforeseen things, but normally only on Tuesday. Then I make it a point to attend networking events. On Friday’s, I do half days so I can take lunches or coffee with old friends or new friends.

8 Things you need to be doing weekly now that your business is up and off the ground.

Paying Yourself

I am be completely honest, you don’t need to pay yourself a dime when you first launch. Yes, I know everyone thinks about this. You need to be reinvesting in your business. Here are a couple areas you should be investing in:

  • continous education
  • buying inventory
  • website design or graphic design
  • savings
  • tithes – if you’re a Christian
  • company expenses – phone, internet, travel & etc.

Trust, taking care of those things are slightly more important than cutting yourself a check. Before you think about paying yourself make sure a serious cash flow is coming.

Managing Your Money

As listed above you have a couple things your recover should cover. One thing I insist clients do is invest in a good bookkeeping and accounting software such as Go Daddy Bookkeeping or Quickbooks. Whichever one best suits you as a business owner. If not, daily but weekly pick a day to go over your funds, seeing where your money is going and biggest revenue streams.

Maintaining Existing Customers

Customers hold the power for small business they keep our doors open. Outside of handling their order correctly or providing the right service make sure you follow up. A good rule of thumb is to follow up after one month of purchase. In a scripted email you can ask how is the product worked for them. Or if they enjoyed the service you provided them. As a way to get testimonials ask them to leave a review on your site and you will send a promo code for their next purchase. Also, sending next purchase cards and engaging on social media is great.

Obtaining New Customers

Your biggest asset in obtaining new clients is leveraging your existing customers to be your company brand ambassadors. Every digital product or service client that came to me arrive because of a previous customer or client. They advocate for me. In addition to that, be where they are. Too many times we don’t want to meet our customers where they are. The girl standing next to you in line at Starbucks might be your ideal customer.

Growth Plans

Take this time to really understand what you have gotten yourself in and don’t try to just grow. There are days I wish I could go back and live a simpler life as a business owner. Establish a yearly plan of what you want your business to look like. Not just the numbers because thats what most people only consider. Think about the look of your company, the impact and much more.

This is only seven things to be concerned with now that you have launched your company. Congrats on launching your business and know that you can do this.

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