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Stop Being Too Eager To Expand Your Business

One thing I notice so many business owners focused on is expansion. They want to be household names before they even make a dollar. They have their eyes set on getting the call from Oprah, feature on CNN or press in Vogue. They have yet to birth a vision. Take a dream or vision into adulthood not experiencing the learning curve of being an infant in their industry.

The best thing that has happen to my business has been under the radar and focusing solely on becoming better than I was yesterday. There was a time when I wanted to grow and grow as huge as possible. Thinking of how I could I turn my business into a multi million dollar company that helps women business owners across the global. To be completely, honest once I started doing the research of a company of that scale it overwhelmed me. You have to consider benefits, health care, legal, human resources, and much more when you want a larger company.

Mistakes When You Rush

Everyone makes mistakes when they rush. There were times I felt I had to put out a product when I said to keep my word. This came with serious mistakes and mishaps that I did not like. Rushing through things you are not paying attention to details. You are just trying to get something to the market. However, if you’re focused on building a loyal following they will support you regardless. Its about putting out the right products verse poor quality.

3 Reasons why you should pace yourself when running a business.

Pace Yourself

Take your time, this is your race not anyone else race. One of the issue most new business owners experience they are seeing others go at what seems at a faster pace than them. As I always tell others that everyone is showing their highlight reel verses their bad days. It is important to sit down and plan your goals for the year were you are going at the right pace. I prefer being the tortoise verse the hare in the situation of business. Especially since, I am only racing myself from the day before. Knowing at the start of the year I sit down and create my yearly goals and then break them down to quarterly goals and monthly goals. This helps me continuously pace myself when it comes to expansion of my business. Stop committing with the other jewelry companies, t-shirt lines, hair extension companies or service based business owners out there. There is trillions of dollars in this world and I promise your ideal customers is there for you.

Your Not Your Industry

This is something I had to truly learn when it came to my business that I could not do what everyone else in the business blog or consultant industry would be doing. One of the main things is I am private person I per se don’t want my face out there every where. I want to create real products, tools and resources people want. The insight that you are reading for free is because I am constantly listening to my audience. The comments, emails and social media messages are taken to heart each time to make sure I am producing what you want. Personally, I don’t believe I need to be on Periscope, Youtube, Snapchat, Ella, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr or all the other 300+ social media networks. Nor do I need to host free webinars than sale something such as coaching at the end. I rather be my own person and succeed in my own term.

As a new or existing business owner do not be consumed with expanding so quickly but learning and enjoying the experience. You will miss the days of simplicity when you are on a whole different level. Take your time when thinking of expanding your business over the next couple years. Think about the pivots you will have to make on this journey of yours.

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