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Your Business Instagram Should Focus On Lifestyle Not Selling

As consumers we are constantly bombarded with information and to buy now. This is not some new marketing tactic. So many people use the hard sale to get customers in the door. Say no to the hard sale on social media all together if you truly want to bring in the right customers. Your business instagram should be a place of curation where people experience a lifestyle not you constantly selling to them.

Product Based Companies

Did you know that you could subsconciously sale to your audience without the hard sale? Yes, it is very much possible. Here is a little secret when it comes to my business; I learn from other industries not my own. Peeking into what they are doing verse what my industry says I should be doing.

Lifestyle is huge thing right now. People want a better life and you need to show them how they can achieve through your products. For example if you check out Loren Hope, T+J Designs or Bauble Bars Instagram pages they are colorful and promote a lifestyle they want their audience to have.

When they regarm a customer wearing their pieces it gives you something you’re looking for. They are happy, joyous and fun. I want that life. They are saying without saying that their pieces give you that.

If you’re a product based company what does your imagery say about your brand? Are you cultivating a lifestyle that a current or future customer would want.

Cultivate the right type of lifestyle on your instagram account. Its not about the hard sell, its all about the lifestyle. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #socialmedia #instagram

Service Based Business

One thing I noticed is when I was posting images of ebooks or digital products just on an iPad the likes wouldn’t be there. However, when I focused on motivation, lifestyle and small tips my engagement and likes increased. Every service based business is not a “coach”. I know there are pseudo coaches out there suggesting you should coach people. I am sorry I don’t want a graphic design coach or website designer coach. I don’t want Mrs. Anna who does my taxes coaching me either. I just want her doing my taxes and educating me. There is a difference in educating and coaching/consulting.

How does one focus on lifestyle when they are a service based business? Simple, they focus on their area of expertise and showing how doing these insights, tips or utilizing these resources can the audience life. Say you help small businesses with taxes. I would take a bunch of styled photos lifestyle shoots and make graphics with tips on tax deductions, difference in taxes, fun facts and sharing overall knowledge. A simple picture of a coffee cup can illustration a tax deduction for taking clients out to eat.

Or if you’re a cleaning company showcasing before and afters of a home. Talking about the added stress people have when they have to do it all. Explaining how this affordable luxury can give them freedom in their life.

Your instagram is about a lifestyle your audience can achieve through purchasing your products or utilizing your services. Yes, a t-shirt can be apart of a lifestyle there are t-shirt collection cultures. Figure out how you can make you timeline more a place people want to spend hours in like looking in a magazine vs skipping over the post.

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