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Social Media Marketing For Small Business

I’ve noticed how many business owners and entrepreneurs are confused about social media marketing. It’s an important tool to your business success and it is vital to understand it completely — as it has the power to influence what others think about you. In this article, I want to help you by defining social media and giving you examples of common mistakes that occur daily.

First, let’s start with the definition. Social media marketing is simply using social media websites (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest) to draw attention to your business and gain clientele to increase website traffic. I encourage every business owner reading this to stop right here and think about what your social media marketing goal is? You cannot be successful without a plan and how can you have a plan without a goal? Once you’ve ascertained your goals – think of a plan to achieve them.

Social media marketing is NOT an easy task! Everyday, I see companies that are using social media completely wrong! Is your company’s instagram or twitter full of re-tweets from other people’s businesses? Does your businesses social media pictures consist of you at the club – drunk? Are there too many memes on ANY of your social media platforms? Is there anything about your business? Things like how great you are or the products/services you offer so that your audience can share them with their audience? Please . . . go look at your social media platforms right now and think of ways that you can improve what you’re sharing on them.

Social Media is meant to be used by companies to not only increase their customer base but also their influence. It is a very serious and sometimes tedious task, but think of the rewards for doing it correctly: you’ll gain a greater audience for your company, more traffic to your website and increased sales; these positives greatly outweigh the negatives. I hope this article has helped and if you have any questions, leave them below, I’d be happy to answer them.

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