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3 Ways To Court Potential Clients When You’re A Service Based Business

As a service based company when I first started I was lost at how to wow my clients outside of just doing my job. In the last couples years, I have grown and learn a couple things and I thought three ways to court your clients when you’re a service based business could help you too. 

Pre Client Warm Up

As a service based business, have you ever thought you are courting your potential clients. You are essential taking them on the first couple meetings aka dates for them to see if y’all are a fit. Then, you become an item or in your business case they are your client for a specific term of time. Here are a couple things you can do when courting your potential clients

  • Always pay for coffee, lunch or dinner
  • Accommodate to  their schedule when setting meetings
  • Give very detail outlooks on how your business can change their lives
  • Be knowledgeable
  • Dress your best

Being knowledgeable and dressing your best might sound odd when courting a client but I want my clients to know I know their industry or needs better than them. Always, stating that I am great at pivoting even when given details at the last moment. As far as dressing your best, people will see you take yourself seriously. If I was to meet a lawyer, CPA or broker I expect them to look the part. Look the part, when courting.

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Signed Client

Once, the courting has worked and the client wants to sign on the courting or wow factor does not stop. Making it easy for your clients to sign on is something that you should pride yourself in. Making it easy for them to work with you on their projects, needs or services. Here is a couple things you can do for them;

  • Make all documents electronic signature
  • Create file system of documents they have access to
  • Create a welcome packet gifts
  • Introduce them to other clients

One thing about the women who I consult with they all say is they are part of a family. Every time, I sign a new client I make sure to do a group introduction at the start of month. Sharing their social media channels and more. That way they are part of a community. In addition to that, doing an amazing welcome packet gifts is a great to show how much you care. What to include in your welcome packet gift;

  • Physical copies of contracts, NDA and other forms
  • Thank you card
  • Quote that will inspire them
  • Gift card
  • Notebooks, pens and pretty things

One thing I do is a client questionnaire when bring someone on. This helps me learn more about them. Make sure you ask questions about their favorite foods, snacks, stores, colors, flowers and such. This way when you want to celebrate them you can send them their favorites.

Current Client

Now, that you have courted them for awhile and had them sign on now its the time to keep them as a client. I am truly proud that I have had some of the same clients for the last couple years of consulting with only firing a couple and some leaving because of cost. There are a couple things you can do that will wow them will you are courting them as a client. Yes, even when they are a client you will still court them. Don’t let the courting stop because they are now on your team.

  • Do your job excellently
  • Be on time
  • Respond to them in a timely matter
  • Treat them like a VIP
  • Truly hear their thoughts and concerns
  • Provide them with exactly with what they need and more

To be honest, most time people are use to below average or average that if you do just your job in the description you were hired you are exceeding their expetations. However, I suggest don’t just do your job do more than that. When I am consulting other service based clients I let them in on a little secret. Here’s my secret I have one singular goal each meeting, that is to give them that stop in your tracks “aha moment.” Once, someone has an aha moment that changes their thinking you are worth every penny you charge.

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