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Decorating Your Home Office For Less Than $500

Funny, the other day I was looking at my desk, chair and other aspects of my home office. A year ago, I was dreaming of all the exact pieces for my home office. Just like almost every woman who has a Pinterest account, I had some serious ambitious about my offices. Actually, when I buy an office building I have an even higher ambition for what I want it to look like. 

Desk Options

There was a time I really wanted the white parson desk from West Elm that it seemed every blogger had. Let’s just say that $399 was not in the budget. Then last Winter I was reminded of how much I love World Market – Cost Plus store. I was able to find the Josephine Desk on sale for $99. To make the deal even sweeter the day I went to purchase it was 25% off and new members got another 20% off their purchase. Win, win.

Even greater deal is the other day, I was in Target and seen their version of the Parson desk for $29.99

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Chair Options

I don’t know when I fell in love with Ghost Chairs but it has been on my must have list for a very long time. The one thing though was paying $100 plus for a chair was not something I wanted to do either. AS you can tell I am very budget conconious when it comes to certain things. Then a couple days before my birthday this year actually I found one at Ross for $89.99. With a little persuasion about the “startch” on the chair they took off 20% for me.


We have been seeing wall galleries all over Instagram and Pinterest for years now. Its the must have to have a chic office. In the back of my mind, I thought this was going to cost me way more money than it actually did. Most people purchase artwork off sites such as; Etsy or find designers somewhere else. I personally, wanted my artwork already framed to make it easier on me. All my artwork for my gallery came from Hobby Lobby. The week I went in they were having 50% off all wall art. So, I actually did my wall for less than $60.

 How to create your pinterest dream office for less than $500. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #homedecor #parsondesk #interior

Desk Accessories

Everyone is loving Kate Spade and Nate Burkus pieces for their desk. Most of the beautiful pieces from my desk came from places such as Marshal’ls, Sequined letter from Brownstone Closets , Target dollar section and DIY marble coaster. You don’t have to spend thousands of even hundreds to make your office of your dreams.

One thing I have learned from doing my office space is you must love the area you work in. Before I had this huge desk and wire basket drawers from Ikea. I wasn’t excited to work. I smile every time I see this area. I look forward to actually decorating a really huge office space for my company.

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