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Beauty Treatments On An Entrepreneur Budget

Presentation is everything in life. First impressions are lasting impressions. You want to wow people when they meet you. In the same breath, as a small business owner, you also need to be accountable for how you are spending money and investing back into your business.

This is always a topic of conversation when clients or people email me. Stating that they can’t cut their beauty budget because they need to look good in order to sell the products or services.

Trust, as a consultant I truly know where you are coming from. However, you don’t need to break the bank. Here are some life hacks for beauty on an entrepreneur budget.

Beauty School

When I first started my business I went through my budget seeing how I could cut money from it. I was spending $100 a month getting my hair done. I cut that down to $40 a month by going to the hair school. Beauticans have to start out somewhere, and if you are going to go to one don’t worry they are licensed. People will not be abled to tell if you paid $60 for that wash, style, and cut or if you paid $20. When I went in I told them exactly how I wanted my hair. After visiting three times I found a girl who was amazing. Literally, i had her do my hair the whole time she was in school.

Local Deal Sites

Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local are your best friend; not just for food and fun things to do around town. They have amazing deals for beauty services on there. Some of the spas and salons are among the top in the city. In the summer time these service based companies see very slow growth for their company. This is the perfect time for you to score a deal. Recently, I scored 3 brazilian waxes for $55 at a local spa that has been voted best in the city the last 5 years running.

Create Your Own Deals

As mentioned above, I purchased a Groupon for a Brazilian wax from a local spa. The woman who did it was amazing. When I went to hand over my Groupon to the owner. We discussed my experience and she asked how could she turn me into a loyal customer. I said if she let me purchase 6 more of the waxes at the rate I paid times two as on Groupon she would have me. She called me a week later saying she created a monthly deal section on her website.

Sign up for newsletters

The above spa started a monthly deal on their website that clients could purchase. She took it a step further by giving her newsletter subscribers additional deals. The newsletter comes out at the start of the month and they are sent to a limited number of customers. It does pay to subscribe to newsletters. It also shows which customers are checking for your emails.

Coupon Clipping

I never thought clipping coupons could help save on manicures and pedicures but they do. At my local grocery store, on the back of the receipt, are coupons for various local nail spas. They offer customers $5 off their mani and pedi only on Monday through Wednesday. Turns out a plethora of local salons have slow off days and offer these deals.

What are your thoughts on these 5 beauty on an entrepreneur budget tips; to help you save money and still maintain your routine? Are you willing to try any of these out?

Image by Zen Spa; Creative Commons

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