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Shopping On An Entrepreneur Budget

Its always funny to me when people say they want to “raid my closet or send me those shoes”. Very thankful people like my style, clothes, shoes and accessories. Here is a big secret about me I am not a shopper, but I have learned some tricks to shopping smart on my entrepreneur budget.

Create A Monthly Shopping Budget

The dreaded B word, budget, I know. Its important to have a monthly budget you stick to, so you know where your money is going. Rather than, at the end of the month thinking what happened. My shopping budget is relatively small because I don’t shop that much throughout the month. I buy things here and there but regardless I stick to my budget. The money that is not spent that month goes over to the next month. I use the Dave Ramsey envelope system.

Outlets & Discount Stores

Nordstrom Rack is my best friend. Well, Nordstrom is my best friend and by association that makes the Rack my other bestie. For my birthday this year a consulting client sent me a $100 gift card to that store. I walked out with $295 of merchandise for $115 because I am really smart shopper. They had a DVF dress for $18! Score. Outlets and discount stores can be very overwhelming for most people to shop but it is so worth it when you find gems.

Sign Up For Alerts

Target and JcPenney send text alerts straight to your phone with coupons and discounts. Target probably sends alerts out once a month and JCP is weekly. If your not interested in text alerts there are apps that can help you save or earn points to redeem. Target has their Cartwheel app that I literally use every time I am in their store. You can scan an item to see if it has a discount. I’m currently on a “No Target Shopping Hiatus”, so unfortunately no Cartwheel app for me. We have discussed how to use email marketing for your business, create a separate email for all the companies you shop. I have one email set up and all their newsletters go there. Lots of companies are doing “happy hours” and online sample sales now.

Clearance Rack Shopper

Confession for a girl who is not a huge fan of shopping I have over 200 shoes. Gasp I know that is a lot. Tend to buy shoes in multiple colors when it comes to flats, sneakers and boots. Options are needed. I’m telling you now its important to invest in quality shoes that last seasons not months. I have a pair of four-year old Christian Louboutins that look brand new. Make a beeline for the clearance when you are shopping. During Barney’s sale I have scored Fendi heels for $179 or Prada ballet flats for $79! The clearance rack is your friend. So are the sales associates who work at upscale department stores. Friends and family discount goes a long way!

Rediscover Stores

When my siblings and I were kids my mom would get a JcPenney’s catalog in the mail. She would tell us to circle what we wanted including the color. Not until recently have I discovered the gem of JCP as adult. So many of my favorite pieces that people rave about come from their and mainly from the clearance rack. Also, I discovered Cato’s Fashion. I wouldn’t say I didn’t know it existed I just never went in there. This a great store to buy jewelry and accessories. Flowy style pants are in for the fall. Recently, I bought 3 pair for $35 because they were on clearance.

The most important thing is to stay in your budget. That is an issue for millions of Americans. Not knowing the difference between needs and wants. You do not need to own all the latest styles of shoes for this season. You WANT to have the latest. Create a list of things you need each month and stick to it. Left over money from your budget can go the following month. What are your thoughts on these tips used to keep you smart and savvy when shopping on an entrepreneur budget.

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