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Growing Digital Sales To Increase Passive Income

For the last two years, I have focused my efforts of becoming a digital content creator. My time is spent thinking of ideas, flushing out multiple streams for products, getting them designed, and selling them to my audience. With the creation of digital products, a new level of passive income was fueled for my business to thrive on, while I worked on other areas.

Being able to have the freedom to pursue other avenues and still know money is being made in my sleep is a great thing. Everyone should have the chance to grow their digital sales to increase their passive income.


The best advertising tool that most people fail to utilize is, their past customers and their experiences with your product or service. Currently on ICB Consults, you can view testimonials from clients scrolling on the main page, in addition to, testimonials on the individual products themselves.

How to Get Testimonials 

  • Ask your audience – scripted mass email or on social media
  • Help outline the testimonial- most people are willing to write them, if you provide directions for them
  • Make it easy for them to submit – on my site they can click on the product and write them

In recent weeks, to help boost the testimonials on my site, I have given enticements like gift cards, books, and other things away.

Showcase Benefits

Most of the time when I land on websites, people list the features, that I as a consumer would be benefiting from, had I purchased their product. Features and benefits are two very different things.

Mercedes-Benz CLA250

Feature: 2.0L I-4 208hp engine intercooler turbo, 7-speed, auto-shift manual transmission with overdrive, and 4-wheel anti-lock brakes.

Benefit: low gas mileage, easy ride and drive, & great road safety.

Features are great and dandy, but benefits give your audience the results they want. When you’re listing the benefits to your audience, make sure you break it down in bullet points. This will allow them to truly focus on each one vs in a long paragraph.

How I went from $1K a month in digital sales to $10K a month. | Imperfect Concepts

Buy Now Button

Give the people what they want immediately versus having them wait to do a full checkout process (“add to cart”, “go back to shopping”, and all that jazz). There are people like me who want to buy it right then and there. Do us a favor and direct us straight to checkout. It’s a bonus if you provide one page checkout versus a million steps. On all products, before you give their description, have a buy it now option.

Create Bonus Option

Right now, I have a vast amount of clients launching their own digital products to stream passive income. One thing I noted with all of them was, to create bonus tips or insight at the end of the chapter. That Aha! moment that brings stuff together. Break up the text, so that it is evident to them that this is added bonus material. Another option is to include an extended chapter or part of your product. People love getting more than what they paid for.

Preorder Discount

Honestly, this has been the driving force behind my growing digital sales that increase passive income. As I am creating buzz with behind the scenes, of the creation of the product, I launch a preorder option for my audience. I’m giving them the option to have this product before it is even released to the general public. It’s like when Apple allows you to preorder your iPhone, iPad, or watch weeks in advance, then it’s shipped out to you. With my audience I give them 2 to 3 weeks to preorder my products at a special discount. Then they are given the digital product about 7 days earlier than those who didn’t preorder.

This also goes back to rewarding those who support you, while at the same time, creating enthusiastic fans. When I first started creating digital products, I was bringing in around $500 a month, now I’m in the $10K+ range. I used these exact tips and insight. Check out Passive Income: Make Money In Your Sleep , if you want to do the same for your business.

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