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Building Your Expertise As A Service Based Company

On any given day I am providing my audience with a multitude of free information to help them build their businesses. Its up for mass consumption for those who read this blog, ICB Consult Blog, watch my youtube videos, read my newsletters or just follow me on social media. So many service based businesses are scared to share information. They feel if they give away their “secrets” no one will hire them or buy what they have.

False Assumptions

That is the number one thing stopping service based companies from building their expertise in their industries. They believe that if they give away information for free nobody will hire them if they could just read their blog, newsletter, watch videos or whatever for free. Don’t let a bunch of false assumptions of what people won’t pay for your services when they will. The content that you’re curating on different platforms is what is helping you build your expertise in your service based industry.

Generalize Your Content

None of the information I provide online is specific it is generalized. Most service based companies try to speak to directly to one person. Actually giving free consultations on social media. I am speaking to the 5000+ followers I have as whole body not as individuals. A majority of the content I create is an aha moment that happens in my head. Things just want together and then I share. Yes, my audience says it came at the perfect time but I don’t know their actual circumstances. Start creating content that can be massed produced to everyone.They can pick and pull it apart to find out what works for them.

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Diversity of Products

The average millionaire has seven streams of income that help them compile their level of wealth. If you’re only providing one type of product such as consulting, doing taxes or cleaning your house one way to diverse your income in your service based company through expertise is the products you put out. One of my favorite examples to use Martha Stewart. She has massed produced free content for years but has built a billion dollar company. She has diversified it with the products she release under her name. From kitchen ware, bedding, to linen scents under the Martha Stewart brand. How can you create a product line that furthers your service company.

For instance if you’re a tax company and you noticed all the issues with bookkeeping, accounting and tax tools that are designed for the small business owner. You can expand your expertise in your industry by launching your own program fixes those issues.

One the best things for me as a creative entrepreneur in the service base industry is finding out how I can dominate my lane by providing insight from my first hand experience and ignoring what others are doing. You have a unique voice with different life experience that can help you build expertise in your service based company.

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