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9 Ways To Boost Your Creative Business

Being a creative business owner can be really tough at times. Your company depends on you generating new products and reinventing the wheel with your current ones. I discussed with some business owners our lack of creativity and what we could do to boost our creative business.

Venture Outside of Your Industry

When my friend told me she was having issues with being creative I knew the exact feeling she was going through. After, I wrote all of the eBooks for ICB Consults I went almost a year without creating another product. My mind was not there to do it. What helped me and has helped Amy was taking a creative class. I gifted her with a Hand Lettering Class and I took a calligraphy class. I love typography and this opened new ways for me to think of great products my clients could use. In addition, I read several ebooks by other small business owners in different industries.

Get organized

So many small business owners are lost puppies when it comes to what is going on in their business. They don’t plan their year, month, week, or even day out. They just wander around aimlessly. My friends call me the queen of organization and planning. It keeps my life sane.
Tools to use: a Day Designer Planner, a printed To Do List, and a 2015 Business Calendar.

Don’t Force It

This is going to be the first thing you want to do. You’re going to want to just create products just because, so as, not to lose your audience. My income didn’t become stagnant when all of my products were out because I had a constant stream of new customers. However, I hadn’t made products in over a year. So, I wanted to produce content just because. This is a huge mistake. You will put your name on something you’re not completely in love with.
Sharing 9 Ways to Boost Your Creative Business in 2015

Go Digital

More and more small business owners are relying on their laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. However, only a small few are actually utilizing those tools to help cut their work time in half or to access files on the go. All of my files pertaining to clients and tax information, as well as, other important notes are saved on my external hard drive and cloud devices.
Tools to use: Mailbox, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Clean Up Social Media

If you are following hundreds of people on your various social media platforms it’s time to clean it up. People do not realize how much negativity and toxic energy are on these platforms. Un-follow negative Nancy’s, non-engagers, and inactive users. You will be able to connect more with your active followers this way.
Tools to use: Manageflitter and Just Unfollow


This might seem like an odd thing to help you boost your creative business but when I go on jogs burst of ideas begin to run through my mind. If I go on a longer run than normal it gives me time to flush the idea all the way out. Being in nature just inspires me in general. Try going to a spin class or take a yoga session to clear your mind.

Fire Bad Clients

Yup, let go of the dead weight clients who want the most but pay the least. They caused you stress for 12 months. No need to continue carrying that burden. Wrap up any current projects by the 21st of the month. Send them a polite email stating that it was great working with them. No need to actually say the words you are fired as a client. To keep the haggle clients at bay increase your cost by 15%- 30%.

Collaborate With Others

Partnering with other small business owners is a great way to boost your creative business. Especially if you link up with people in an industry you are not familiar with. This will push you out your comfort zone completely. If you are not wanting to collaborate with others it might be a great time to join small business organizations. This will help broaden your network and give you coffee partners. Being able to have lunch with my fellow business owners has been heavenly. They know exactly what I am going through. Which helps release stress.

Financial Budgeting

So many businesses operate without a yearly, quarterly, or monthly budget. They have no knowledge of money coming in or out! It’s time to sit down and learn how to use a bookkeeping system, money management system, and an invoice system. If you can have them all in one place great. If not find the ones that work for you.
What can you do today to help boost your creative business by using these tips and insight listed above?
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