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8 Online Deal Sites That Can Boost Business

Customer acquisition can be extremely hard for the new business owner. Even existing business owners struggle with keeping their customers or clients coming back for more. They don’t know where to start, how to market, or who is their ideal market is. It can be extremely daunting. However, in the last year of sitting in countless webinars hosted by business owners, I noticed a recurring theme. They used a deal site that brought them continuous business.

The Store

Is somewhat of a new online deal site I discovered last month. They have a very nice selection of items for their audience. All at great prices. I truly loved that I could purchase a nice variety of things and not break the bank.


My addiction to Groupon is really real. This has been my go to place to find a deal. I found my wax lady, microdermabrasion specialist, and manicurist on here. They all offered amazing services on the first visit. In addition to that, they all offered me an opt-in on the spot. My wax lady said she would give me three brazilian waxes for $90. Yes, I will take that because she has an organic studio. That’s a major steal. I’ve been using her for the last three years.


Is an online deal site that is very similar to Groupon and Living Social. However, they offer a lot more enjoyable opportunities, in my opinion. In addition, if you’re a service business this is a great site to use. I purchased a business class on here last year and really loved it. The eCourse was great and I ended up purchasing some of that persons eBooks after.

Scout Mob

I found out about Scout Mob from my friend Erica while I lived in Atlanta. They’re very focused on local businesses. Which is super great because you should be focused on how to grow your brand locally, in the first place. It was really great discovering businesses thanks to this app.


Is one of my go to places to buy stuff for my niece. I sat in a webinar last year where both of the women speakers discussed, how selling on this platform tripled their audience and revenue. They were not expecting the numerous orders. No promotion on their end. The Zulily newsletter went out and the orders started coming in for them. My sister has ordered boots from them too.

Learn how to leverage online deal sites to increase company revenue and audience.

The Fancy

One of the great things about The Fancy is that they want you to keep it at full market value. They encourage their sellers to sell their best items at full price. Their website is very curated compared to other deal sites. Which I love. Everyone will not be accepted to sell on there and that makes it even better for you if selected. Their audience is accustomed to a certain caliber of product.

Living Social

The deals on this platform vary, but one thing I do know is that they are consistent. Even while traveling across the US, I can search a new city and it will have the same kind of deals. I love the consistency of it. When in Miami two years ago, I went to a spa from a Living Social deal I purchased. It happens to be a Spa I refer to everyone now.

Gilt City

Happens to be one of my favorite online deal sites to use. Last year, The Bouq commercial caught my eye. The owner was in it. It felt like they were trying to bring me in as a customer, but without the hard sell. Fast forward to late last year around November, my Twitter friend Candace in DC tweeted a deal for them. I immediately hopped on it. Since, then I have ordered from The Bouq at least once a month. Gilt City has amazingly good deals like those and more.

One of the main things as a business owner to make sure of is, that your consistent with your new customers. Add them to the email marketing list or send them a welcome to the family 15% off coupon. Yes, segment those new subscribers and reward them. So many consumers use products or services off of deal sites once and they are done.

Have you ever thought of using a deal site to grow your audience and revenue stream for your business? Which platform and why?

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