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27 Ways To Get Your Business Noticed

Are you seeking the tipping point for your business that gets your name on the cover of Forbes or a million hits to your site within an hour. We’re all seeking to reach relevance and hope we can get our business noticed by the right people. In the last five years I have seen my business grow tremendously. From only a small group of friends reading this site to seeing the numbers triple within a six month period. 

With each of the tips below you MUST be consistent. A tipping point happens when all the dominoes align together and fall at the right time. You spend days, weeks, months, and years getting them all in the right place. Then they will tumble when its the right time. Here are 27 ways to get your business noticed this year.

27 Ways To Get Your Business Noticed

  1. Upload new merchandise monthly
  2. Use social media daily – automate your social media
  3. Establish relationships with bloggers – Influencers
  4. Join Toastmaster
  5. Get active in your small business community – Grow your business locally 
  6. Be consistent
  7. Pitch yourself to local newspapers
  8. Paid sponsor post with top bloggers
  9. Create a blog
  10. Speak at conferences, workshops, and seminars
  11. Attend 3 networking events a week
  12. Guest post about your industry on other people’s blog – I did for Trina of Baby Shopaholic part I and part II
  13. Make videos to help increase your visibility
  14. Help others gain success by supporting their dreams
  15. Host collaborative workshops
  16. Host Pinterest Pin Parties
  17. Set up quarterly vendor events with other small business owners
  18. Do a monthly Loop Giveaway with other businesses
  19. Comment and engage bloggers on their pages
  20. Create a community within your industry
  21. Use specific hashtags
  22. Be a reliable source for reporters – sign-up for HARO
  23. Make all images on your website SEO friendly – All things SEO 
  24. Transparency with your customers and clients
  25. Ask for referrals
  26. Engage influencers on twitter
  27. Send out bi-weekly or weekly newsletters – Email Marketing tips

All these tips are simple and to the point. The reason so many people never see their tipping point of success is because they give up right in the middle.

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