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Becoming a Mompreneur

Being a mom is something really special and it can take up a plethora of your time. You know you love your child(ren), but you have a passion for something more. Sometimes you might want to do something other than stay home chasing a toddler around the house. That may feel right for some, but maybe not for you. Being your own boss is very possible, even when you are being pulled in every direction. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling.

Revisit Your Pre Mommy Dreams

You were once super passionate about something. Before making sure your baby had the latest Hunter boots or baby gadgets to keep them occupied, you had a dream, visions, and goals for your life. Take a break from the family, just an hour or two. During this time you are going to indulge in a Venti Frapp with extra drizzle while answering these questions.

  • What makes you happy outside of your family?
  • If you could do something for the rest of your life, for free – what would it be?
  • What was your dream job or career pre-family?
  • A problem you wish could be solved? Remember every million dollar company solves a “problem”.
  • Top 5 things you enjoy doing?
  • Does your dream job evolve around kids or being a mom?
  • What are your favorite things to do?
  • When your mind wonders, what are you thinking about?

Becoming a Mompreneur

These are all very important questions to ask yourself when finding the right business to launch. Say you love dressing your daughter in the latest trends but you are on a budget. Becoming a stylist is the top answer most people would conclude. Here are some other options:

  • Creating a children’s clothing line
  • Opening a children’s boutique or resale boutique
  • Writing an e-book about how to keep your child stylish on a budget
  • Teaching seminars and workshops on keeping a family stylish on a budget.

All of these ideas are very possible for a newbie mompreneur, not costing a lot of money to get started. After you have answered the questions and brainstormed career paths for your small business, let it sit for a couple of days. Go back to what you wrote and see if you still feel excited and committed to the answers you wrote. You want to make sure the ideas are something your passionate about.

We’ll be back to help you get the ball rolling after the passion has been lit in you to pursue your dreams.

This post first appeared on Baby Shopaholic.

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