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Humbling Experiences

I am currently sitting at my desk “smizing”, as Tyra Banks says. In the last week I have experienced all types of emotions. Ultimately, a roller coaster ride has turned into a humbling experience. Sometimes we have to be stripped of everything, so that He can build us up bigger and better. I am at that point now.

It’s only a couple of days before I do my monthly recap of what it’s like to be a business owner, but I thought I would go even more personal today. So, if you don’t mind, I am digging deeper into what it is like to be a business owner.

No one tells or shares their bad days when it comes to being a business owner. No one tells you about the days you just want to lay in bed and cry. No talks about the bank not wanting give you a mortgage because they don’t believe your business is stable. No one talks about the bad days because they only want to show off the good. They only want to focus on greatness, and to an extent, I do too. However, to appreciate the great, amazing, unbelievable days, one has to handle the bad days that come too.

I joke all the time that if people experienced my more difficult days, they would quit. When I first started, I couldn’t personally handle those days either. Now, going 5 years into this, I am a positive ray of sunshine 90% of the time. Yes I have that 10% when I just want to lay there and not do anything. However, I have move past that. It takes more energy to be down in the dumps.

Last week, I went on vacation, and I don’t do that often. It was an experience (to say the least), but I will talk about that more in my recap. I landed in Dallas to find out my car broke down. My sister and niece were using it while I was gone, and it broke down on the way to get me.

There was frustration, but then I thought, “hey God has it all under control, everything I need for today he has supplied.” My brother drove out of his way to come get me from the airport, and then drove even more out of his way to take me to where the car was.  When I called the mechanic, he told me it would be $1200 to get the car fixed. Listen, that was the LAST thing I wanted to hear. It was actually cheaper than what everyone was telling me it would be, so I forked over the money. I was planning on buying myself a macbook air for Christmas…

My dad volunteers to help me run errands the next morning. I have the money to get a rental car, but it would be a waste of money. The man said my car would be ready that following Friday. Thursday morning comes. My dad’s car isn’t working. My dad is retired and only leaves the house probably 4 times a month, so he was unfazed by this. He said, go ask a neighbor for a ride. I told him I would walk.

Listen, I have not had to depend on anyone since I got my car during my junior year of college. During my latest experience, I did not complain once. What did I have to complain about? Someone ALWAYS has it worse than you. Someone wishes they could go on vacation, that they had a car, that they had $1200 to spare.

I got all my customers orders, put them in a bag, grabbed some water and started walking. I thought, I will have some amazing legs today after 10 miles of walking. Mind you, I live in a “small town” so the buses don’t run that often, but I didn’t want to take it anyways. I wanted to walk.

It was a humbling experience not to have convenience. As I sit here and think, I imagine most people wouldn’t have walked. Their pride is too big to be seen walking or taking the bus but mine isn’t. I would not have all that I have now if I had an ego or if I was prideful.

You cant judge a book by it’s cover, there is a lot more to a person than what’s at face value. There is more to the story. People, for a long time, thought (and still think) I live a privileged life. My life is far from glamorous. It’s amazing to me because of the ups and downs. I am happy. Greater things are coming.

Just remember tough days don’t last, tough people do. What you are going through at this very moment will make you stronger. It will lift you to a higher level. You just have to stay faithful. You can make it to the other side if you stay in this moment and know it will make you stronger, tougher and smarter!



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