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Some time ago, I shared business tips and insight on pricing for profit via instagram. I also talked about bringing your business to Instagram. There was overwhelming response to what I said in those past posts, and I lost several followers because of them. I would much rather be honest about business life than sugar coat it. If you want to hear sugar coated advice about business, there are thousands of sites and millions of people who will give it to you; I however, choose to take the road less traveled.

First and foremost, you have to stay in the game and remain strategic about your business practices. Yes, many people never take their idea off paper, but there are also many business owners who are running at a sprint without realizing it’s a marathon. You have to pace yourself to stay in the game.

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Create yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals that are in reach. Get a calendar notebook and write that in there. For this year, create a sales goal, and a goal for the amount of site views you want to receive. Then, break it down to quarters, then those quarters into months, then weekly, and finally daily. Everyday when you open that calendar, you will see what you are supposed to be focused on.

I created the Business Growth Planner to help business owners attain and control their vision. So many times we say we want this thing called success but have no plan for the game. In coaching and consulting I hear I want millions in revenue but they do not have the products to create that amount of revenue. Even if it’s a three month plan, it needs to be made with clearly outlined goals. As my friend Mattie says, people are not just out here getting lucky and winning by accident. They plan and stay focused.

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Also, take notes on your social media presence. Are your followers actual consumers of your product? Are they sharing information about your brand? Think about how you tweet about your brand, and how you promote other brands. Did anyone comment about your brand or post a link to your site on Facebook? The clients/customers are not on social media because you are paying them. They are talking about you because they love your brand, and your customers need to love your brand.

People get caught up in the social media numbers game but do not realize having millions of followers does not equal sales. If your followers are not in your target demographic, you won’t be seeing a parallel between increased social media scores and revenue. Make sure you find a platform you can actually engage on and grow. Why have three hundred social media accounts if there is no communication between you and your potential customers being facilitated on them?

Furthermore, your brand should tell a story when someone comes to the site. Blogs or social media platforms help you tell that story. Does your brand have a story? Share it.  This will make your company more personal, and people love having a connection with others.

I personally can attest to how hard it is to stay motivated when it seems like everyone around you or on social media is reaching new heights and you are on the same level. The key thing to remember is, you don’t know their story or how long they have been working. There is no such thing as an overnight success. Stay focused on your business and it’s goals. Create a plan today and stick to it. Get an accountability partner, and make it work! Hire a business coach to get you on the right track. Your big break can come tomorrow or in an hour or a year from now, but the only way you will get it is to stay in the game.

Get your game plan and stay in the game. Go the extra innings. You can do this. Remember why you started.


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