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Prep Now for Your Dream Job

There are a couple of steps you can take now, in your senior year of college that will help you get your dream job right after college. Here is a list of tips and tricks that can help you become the entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner of your dreams:

  1. Get decent grades. I cannot stress this to people enough, and I know you have heard it a million times by teachers and parents, but grades really do matter. Especially in the job market, if you have attended business classes or writing classes and received a failing grade, you might as well have not done it at all.
  2. Don’t drink so much. I know this is also a frequently preached sentiment, but really—don’t get into the habit of drinking every weekend. This is something that will have to change when you get a job anyway, so why don’t you start acting like a business owner now?
  3. Start creating a writing/work sample. If you aren’t a writer, this still applies, gather your projects in a portfolio and start revising them as much as possible. As a writer, I know that nothing will ever be perfect, but if you have the time to revise, do it. Create a writing sample that makes you look the best that you possibly can, and don’t stop until you have to.
  4. Make a budget. I know a lot of students who don’t know how to budget, or choose not to. Running a business relies heavily on your ability to be financially smart. There is a massive problem if you are living from paycheck to pay check at this age. First of all, starting out, you are not going to make that much money and you NEED savings. Secondly, to start a business, there is a good amount of start up fees that you have to pay just to get the ball rolling. Lastly, you need to know how much money you live off of in order to know how much to charge people for freelance work.
  5. Stay positive. Confidence is the key when working in business or writing freelance. If you are down on yourself, you will look less exciting to hire than the person that is bright, bubbly and positive. If you think you aren’t going to make it, you aren’t going to make it. I know that confidence is the hardest part of all aspects of the dream job, but it will prevent you from trying. Aim high, and act like you are already working the job of your dreams.
  6. Set your terms of success now, and set it weekly, monthly and yearly. What are your goals for next week? What are your dreams for next year? Keep track of all of these things, and take the necessary steps to get there.
  7. Find out what inspires you. For instance, I get my inspiration from Etta James, going to see plays or dance performances, and from reading from my favorite authors. Realize what inspires you now, and it will be your best asset for your future job.

Start working on snagging your dream job now, and you will be more prepared than your peers. Don’t let college stall you from following your dreams—start now! If you have questions, leave a comment.

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