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What It’s Like to Copywrite

I took two business classes in college because my dad and grandpa thought I should be “well-rounded.” When the professors taught us about copywriting, they made it sound really, really boring. They made it seem like there was no creative freedom, and that copywriters always lived in the cast shadow of their employers. However, this is not true, and it has not been my experience in the field. I know that people can have a different “go” at copywriting, and really hate it. So, let me tell you about my time at ICB and you can figure it out for yourself.

My first few weeks at IC, I worked on editing the blog and editing e-books. The blog needed to be totally revamped starting from the first post Tasha ever wrote up until the most recent. The articles also needed a new SEO strategy, so I launched into the project full-force, knowing that it was going to be a tedious task. I created a spreadsheet with all of the blog titles, the content, and the permalinks and I began researching on Google’s Keyword Planner all of the new keywords. I then imputed them into WordPress, changed titles and learned a lot! Such as:

  • Don’t make titles too spammy. A catchy title will draw people in more than a boring title that has “good” SEO.
  • Don’t break links. Don’t change the permalinks if the article has been linked on someone else’s Facebook, Twitter, or blog.
  • Make sure WordPress saves your work. I lost three articles worth of work because sometimes, WordPress likes to be funky.
  • Find your boss’ voice (the way she sounds when writing) EARLY on because you have to write like her when editing.

After this project, I began the Etsy site’s SEO.I did the same kind of spreadsheet for each piece on Etsy ICB. I am new to the fashion industry and writing clothes descriptions, so I used these two helpful etsy blog articles one|two.This was a long process, but I became really familiar with ICB’s clothes, and now I can rattle off everything in our accessory section off the top of my head.

The last project that I just finished was the descriptions and SEO for original store. This was definitely the project that was the most fun. I really was able to let loose with the product descriptions using the new “fashion vocabulary” I just learned from Etsy. I was able to chat with my friends about what art-deco was and if a certain shoe was mod or chic. I had a blast!

Along the way, I was allowed to write any article that I wanted, and for the month of August, Tasha let me write five which will boost my portfolio, making me much more marketable to future jobs. I continued to edit Tasha’s blog posts, ebooks, emails, newsletters etc. I love editing and am a grammar junkie, so that part I really liked. I also am currently helping Tasha launch her new site, ICB consults, which is going to be AWESOME!

Let’s talk logistics. Tasha calls me once a week, every Monday, and we talk about what I will be doing the following week. After that,  I can work on my stuff at any time I want to. I often go to a little coffee shop called Big Dog Coffee, because they have amazing latte’s and are often filled with puppies, and do my work leisurely. It’s hard work, and requires a lot of time management, skills and focus, but you can figure out what works for your schedule. I work best in the mornings, so I work each morning. I work best in short bursts of time, and chisel away at a project each day, so that’s what I do. It’s lovely not having to fit your unique self into the typical “work mold.”

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