Understanding SEO As A New Business Owner

As a new business owner, you already have a plethora of things on your plate, but we are going to add another one. Understanding SEO as a new business owner will help you leverage your website to help you bring in new customers at all hours of the day. You see having great SEO throughout your website will give your business a better reach than someone who is solely relying on social media to bring them, customers.

My third ebook is about teaching the basic basics of SEO for business owners because I believe you should have a grasp on what it is before you pay for a $500 course or program that teaches you about search engine optimization.

Plugins & Tools To Utilize For SEO

Last year, I took an SEO course for bloggers to help me revitalize this blog to the readership it uses to have and hit my goal of 1 million pageviews a year. The course was not cheap, but the owner of it did reintroduce to the basics of utilizing the Yoast plugin for WordPress and websites such as; HARO and Ahrehs, Moz Pro, and SEMRush. You see when you google “hire SEO specialist” you’re bombarded with websites of people who say they can help you reach page one of Google and so much more. However, my website has been ranked on Google page one for several articles because of my understanding of how SEO works with my audience.

Other Tips and Tricks To Utilize

It is great to be linked on a website that has a higher domain ranking because Google notices this and says “oh they must be legit.” and you can have that happen by using HARO. Recently a platform with a 14 DR linked back to Imperfect Concepts and that helped me tremendously. Another thing is mobilization, website speed, and following guidelines such as; cookie notice matter too. Staying updated on what Google will penalize you for will help your ranking. Google Page Speed will tell you about areas of your website and loading time. There was a time when I wanted the pretty WordPress website to be aesthetically pleasing, not anymore. Those sites load super slow thus hurting the ranking of my website.

In addition to that, I use a tool such as; blog title generator that helps me create titles that are more in line with what my audience is searching. Then I refine that content by using the right keywords throughout the article. If you ever noticed in my post, I do internal linking and external linking this helps with your SEO because you’re keeping people on your website and sharing valuable content.

Terms To Understand For SEO

Here are some terms that I believe you should familiarize yourself with to gain a better knowledge of SEO as a small business owner.

  • Searching Engine Optimization: is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. via Wikipedia
  • Domain Ranking/Authority: The domain authority of a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz. via Wikipedia
  • Bot Crawling/Indexing: Crawling is a process which is done by search engine bots to discover publicly available web pages. Indexing means when search engine bots crawl the web pages and saves a copy of all information on index servers and search engines show the relevant results on search engine when a user performs a search query. via Geeks For Geeks

Metatags Matter In Photography

Have you ever wonder how those images appear in Google or Yahoo images when you search particular terms? All those images have metatags of the keywords you are searching. For example, if you own a product-based business and use castor oil in one of your beauty products that need to be mentioned in the photo description for meta tags.

Things Not To Do With SEO As A New Business Owner

You’re probably thinking you need to stuff with a website with keywords because that is the quickest way to rank higher, wrong! When you overstuff your website it will be penalized. A major of black hat programs do this, and this will hurt your ranking.

Growing your business reach with SEO takes time, and it will not happen overnight. Utilize these tips and what you learn in my ebook to help scale your business online.

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