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Alternatives To Social Media Marketing

As social media users see their business pages being shadowbanned and numbers dipping, more and more are looking for alternatives to social media marketing. Over five years ago, you could still grow your business on platforms such as; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube organically. However, as the algorithms change month or month drastically, no one has time to compete with that.

Last week, I talked to a client who did well beating the “social media algorithms” with videos, but recently her numbers plummeted. We discussed her focusing back on other mediums of marketing that do produce results for her.

Your Company Website

I might be the only one, but I spend a lot of time on my website, making sure it runs properly and gives my users the best experience. When your audience lands on your website, they should see a couple of things in place.

  • Easy Navigation
  • Search Bar or Menu
  • Call To Action Banners Directing Them
  • Contact Page: an email, form, and time for response – utilize canned emails
  • Product or Service Page: description, photos, pricing, and bonus for reviews.

There are many website platforms for your business, such as; Shopify, WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace. You can customize your websites by purchasing a theme on the creative market or hiring a developer.

Local Alternatives To Social Media Marketing

Every small business is a local business, even if you’re solely working with people online or shipping out packages. Early this year, I was looking at alternatives to social media marketing, and the list below is something I have been sharing with clients and friends. For example, billboards in my town start at $100 for a week and go up from there. In addition to that, I tell my clients to invest in shirts with their company name on them and information. Promo material such as; shirts, pens, and more go along with subconsciously advertising for you after you get them printed. The chamber of commerce and local business organizations paying a yearly fee for a tax write-off is excellent, but what are they doing for you. Remember, you can network anywhere, so make sure some benefits enhance your business.

  • Billboards
  • Promo Materials
  • Car Wrapping
  • Flyers
  • Chamber of Commerce*
  • Local Business Organizations*

National or Regional Alternatives To Social Media Marketing

Suppose you have the funds to invest thousands of dollars a month truly. In that case, I will use your target audience profile to understand which of these mediums would be best to reach your audience on a national or regional level. Subconsciously I know every advertiser for Crime Junkie because I am listening to that often. Podcasts are on the rise, and you can find some that align with your audience. Google Ads still work, and I will leave it at that. The data is in your customer’s email and phone numbers, and you should make sure they are opt-in to share that information with you. Your user base is on their phones for 10+ hours a day, sending push notifications via text or email directly to them you know will not be blocked.

  • Podcast
  • Google ads
  • Email or SMS marketing
  • TV Ads

Hiring a PR Team

Small business owners tend to wear multiple hats when running their company, but if the funds are available, hire a good Public Relations (PR) team to help boost your company’s spotlight invest the money. Note that good press does not happen overnight; your PR firm will be pitching stories to platforms all over the US. You need to stand out from the other business, and you must have an angle to why your business is different.

In addition to that, you’re limited funds to look into companies like Help A Reporter Out or Twitter Journalism, who often seek quotable individuals for stories. You have the ball in your court, and most times, you will need to reach out to the magazines, newspapers, and more for your features.

These four alternatives to social media marketing are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reaching your audience. It’s about constantly reviewing the customer data and meeting them where they need it. This isn’t me say give up on social media marketing, but more so diverse your options.

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