Creating Content Your Audience Wants To Read

When it came to blogging in 2016, I was three months ahead when it came to my content creation schedule. To say I was on a roll and was loving that blogging was made super easy is an understatement. My heart was really into blogging and content creating at the time. Not to say, I do not love what I do, but there was an energy level that I had that is not the same right now. However, I want to take a moment today to talk about creating content your audience wants to read in less time.

Knowing Your Audience

A majority of my audience are small business owners who make less than $250,000 a year in revenue. I know this because I am constantly talking to them on social media, engaging in conversation at events and much more. The content that I create for them is focused on launching, retaining, and scaling their business. You could discover my blog today, and if you fit into one of those categories under the revenue level of $250,000 my content will resonate with you. I am always writing content I know I would’ve loved to read when I first started my business at all the various levels I have gone through.

Editorial Calendar

One of the best things I did in 2016 really focused on my content calendar when it came to creating. I wanted to make sure all the content not only flowed together that month but the month after that too. So many times we just throw content out there for our audience hoping it stuck. That’s not what I wanted at all. One of the biggest things you can do is sit down and plan the content you want to produce that month. If you’re producing blogs or vlog post determine how often this content will be shared with your audience. At the time, I was producing content three days a week for my audience to read. Determine what you want to share the days you’re posting.

Bullet Points

The second point of my editorial calendar is adding bullet points to every post I want to right. For example, when I knew I wanted to write this article I had all these headers on the list. Having bullet points will allow you to produce content on a faster level. Too many times people sit down at a computer and think the writing juices will flow. Writer blocks happen more times than people will admit. You will be able to alleviate this problem by using this step.

Outsource Graphics

I was utilizing Fiverr and paying around $5 per graphics Fiverr was extremely pricey and cutting into my company profit margin. Once I quit using Fiverr, I started “designing” my own graphics which was taking time from the other things I needed to do in business. For maybe a year or so, I wrote and edited the blog post and then I would design graphics. Finally, I put an ad out for a graphic designer intern, and I was lucky to work with Audra. She totally got what I was trying to achieve. Once she graduated college, I hired her as a contractor. Having Audra design graphics for the blog saved me so much time and frustrated.

Creating content your audience wants to read in less time takes some work in the beginning. However, once you figure out what works for you and your audience it will become easier and easier.

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