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Celebrating Four Years In Business

Wow, I really don’t know what to say. When I had the vision to start IC 4 years ago, I didn’t know it would grow into what it is today. Initially, I wasn’t following in a real direction or path (to be completely honest), Imperfect Concepts was a fly by night, learn as I go in the first year of business. I was a fish out of water, but now I feel a lot better about my presence in the business world.

Everyone has their own definition of success and hold different goals about what they want to achieve in life, and today, I have reached several different levels of success.  There are many more goals in progress, however, and right now, I am focusing on getting Shop ICB to the $250,000 sales mark and becoming a national brand. I am ready to accept the changes that will inevitably come with these goals because change has been a beautiful thing and opened many doors for me.

When I started, I contacted many people to get advice. Some were open to helping me and others weren’t, and my family simply didn’t comprehend what I was trying to do. My dad finally understood when he saw a news segment about resale. He was like oh… so that’s what you do! (I had been in business three years at the time. That’s parents for you).

Started From The Bottom ....

Started From The Bottom ….

During the four years of business I learned so much. Imperfect Concepts started off as Seven & Noah Resale Boutique. One phone conversation changed the stores name and course. I have had two macbook pro’s stolen from me. DSLR camera broken beyond repair. People only became my friend just to learn how I did it. Lost friendships, gain friends for a lifetime. To build my company I started sharing all my thrift finds on Facebook. Social Media has grown some much in the last four years. How we run businesses has changed completely too.

..Now We Here

..Now We Here

There are so many people I can thank for their help, but to thank all of them would take days. I do, however, want to thank a few. Thank you Rocquelle for being my ROCK. You have stood by me for so long and helped me when I was crying so hard I couldn’t see. I love you for that. Thank you Tiffany for being the first blogger to feature me on your site. You opened my store up to a new demographic, and I am beyond proud of you and your sister! There are great things in store for you. Thank you Katrice for being the first editor of a magazine willing to feature me. You really don’t know how hard I cried. Atlanta Tribune and you gave me something no one else can give me. I am magazine worthy because of you! You helped me tighten up. Thank you Eboni for being my friend! You know how much I love your blog, and how you opened your readers to my store, which has helped build relationships with other bloggers, ladies and small business owners. You are a rock star. Thank you Kristen for being my business-shoulder to lean on. It is a wonderful thing to share my experiences with you, and you always know exactly what I am going through. I am excited for your love on top. Beautiful Tamika, you are my big sister that totally has my back and I have yours. Carrie, you are a rock star. Thank you for the laughter, support, shopping emails and Chanel flats… Oh yeah, and a floor when I am in NY for extend time periods. You are going to be a star. Your brand is going to be global. Believe just like you told me one gloomy day in Atlanta.

Thank you Charles Gibbs. When I launched ICB, Charles was my boyfriend, and he helped me more than any of you will ever know. This man helped me build my dreams, and he still does. That speaks volumes of his character, and who he is as a man; like letting me use his house for trunk shows, photography studios and offering up his macs to build the ICB empire. I am utterly grateful God placed him in my life.

Finally, thanks go to God. Without You, I would be nothing. You gave me this beautiful vision and life, and the ability to do what I love daily. This is a blessing. I am truly thankful for your mercy, grace and favor. I cried to you many nights to help me through this, and you have answered every prayer. Even though they were not the answers I was expecting, they were what I needed. God, I know unquestionably that you will by my side until the end; when I reach the $250,000 sales mark, the day Essence calls to do a feature, the moment when Refinery 29 calls me the best kept vintage secret online. It will all be because of you. Thank you for placing Lisa in my life, along with all of the other amazing people you have aligned me with.


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