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Ten Tips To Help You Set Yourself Up For Success Yearly

Adulting has not been my favorite thing since becoming an actual adult, laughs. Instead, I have wished I was back in college living a better life knowing all the great things I know now at 31 years old. Today, I want to discuss ten things you need to do yearly to set yourself up for success. 

Order Your Credit Report

Yes, the girl who just got a hold of her finances is telling you to order your credit report. You are allowed a free copy of your credit report once a year by each credit union. You can write a letter to them requesting it or fill out a form online. Each year in November, I write a letter asking for mine. Then when they arrive, I sit down to see if there are any areas on them. Your credit is paramount not just in business, but your personal life too.

Save 10% of Your Income Minimum

Every penny you make does not need to be spent. Having a savings account has been a blessing to me. As someone, who did not grow up with a lot and then made matters worse by not managing money in my twenties, fiscal stability matters to me. Take the time to allocate a minimum of 10% going to your savings every check. At the start of the month, I sit down managing my money for a couple of hours. A significant amount of my income comes in on the 1st of every month since that’s when clients invoices are due. Immediately, I break everything down of revenues and expenses. One of the first things I do is calculate my tithes and savings that way those two elements are covered.

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Go On Vacation or Staycation

Once a quarter take the time to decompress from this world. On a daily basis we take on so much energy from others, it can change our outlook drastically. One thing I loved doing once a month, was going to the spa for the day having a staycation in town. If it’s in your budget go to a nearby city for the weekend just to relax at a hotel and walk around the city, you don’t need to spend thousands. Taking a vacation should be required for all the things we deal with on a daily.

Buy Yourself Something Nice

Once a year, buy yourself something nice that is not on clearance or you had to ask for a discount. You truly deserve something that makes you feel amazing. Recently, I started buying nice lingerie and sleepwear. Not because I am in a relationship with someone who would see it, but because it makes me feel good. Don’t go into debt doing it, but maybe save up $50 a month to buy something nice for your birthday or Christmas.

Create Achievable Goals

Stop putting out unrealistic goals that make you feel like crap when you don’t achieve them. That’s exactly how we feel when we do not reach our outlandish goals. This year, I am focused on not only establishing goals I can hit but goals that move the needle further on where I am trying to go as a person and business owner.

Create A Budget

It’s time to stop blaming Target for our wasteful spending habits. Last year, I kinda quit Target cold turkey mainly because the money that went to waste shopping there. Having affordable luxurious are great, but when they limit you in other areas they are sucky. Last year, I jumped on the zero budget method, and I truly love it. There is room for me to live, earn, save and more without feeling like I am limiting myself.

Audit Your Friendships

If your friends are not adding or multiplying you, then they are dividing and subtracting from you. Sorry, not sorry but you want people around you who are adding to you. You actually become like the five people you hang around the most. I rather get along with people who are building wealth, changing the world and living fabulous lives versus people complaining, struggling and more.

Detox Your Home Quarterly

How many crap in your home are you not currently utilizing? Funny thing, I am a clothing hoarder even though I wear the same things over and over. I kept saving once I moved I would audit my wardrobe down making an excuse. One of the best things I did for my business last year was detox my home of all the things I am not using. Just give them away or sell them on eBay. I might have too many shoes right now, but I am getting better. In addition to that, clean out the cabinets, laundry room and more. My house feels so much lighter since getting rid of stuff that was not being used.

Do Something Once A Month For Yourself

If you’re like me, you’re constantly doing for others and putting yourself on the back burner. Once a month, take yourself out on a date or relax by binge watching Netflix. It’s okay to reward yourself, look back on your month and just step back for a moment.

These are all simple things, but much needed when wanting to be successful all around in personal and business life.

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