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Industry Spotlight: Jasmine Lawerence

You have been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, how has the hair care/beauty business changed since you first started? The biggest change I’ve noticed in the beauty business is the increased confidence and education of consumers. The ingredients list of a product is a top concern for them in addition to the product price and the promised effects. Another change I’ve seen is a lot of people sharing their experiences and offering help. I really enjoy this sense of community especially in the natural hair space.
When did you know you needed to scale your business and hire staff? I knew I needed to hire other people when I couldn’t keep up with the orders by myself. As awareness of my company grew through media I knew that I needed to be prepared for an influx of orders. At first I hired my friends and family then I had to reach out for other employees.

What steps did you take to get your product into stores such as Walmart? Everyone finds their path to market differently. I went door to door to land my first retailers as an early teen. It wasn’t until later that I learned to formally pitch to retail buyers and gain exposure to them via trade shows.

Do you think starting your business at a young age has help you succeed faster than your peers? I think that my unique experience contributed greatly to my self confidence. I wasn’t afraid to try and fail at many things because I already had what others considered “a big win” under my belt. I knew what it was like to fight really hard for something you believed in and I applied that same energy to other aspects of my life. Owning your own company does make you a stand out candidate for many things but I wanted to be known for more than just that one accomplishment. That is why I remain driven.

Jasmine at work SWE ATLWhen was the last time you failed in business and how did you handle it? I can’t recall the exact situation that went wrong but generally when things go wrong my team and I do a lot of reflective exercises. We analyze the situation and focus on where we could have improved and where luck just wasn’t on our side. We incorporate this feedback into future planning and find peace in knowing that we always try our best.

Women tend to let the start up funds become an obstacle. What advice would you share on financing? I don’t think the problem is unique to women but my advice would be to have a very clear initial outline of what the costs and revenue streams (best and worst case) are for your business. It is good to take into account how the seasons will affect sales and making sure that marketing is effective to compensate for that. Also, detailing the costs of goods and/or services and trying to keep costs low without sacrificing quality are wise things to do.

If someone said they were going to transition from relaxed to natural which EDEN BodyWorks products would you recommend to them? Transitioning is a very exciting phase for people. The challenges are still unique depending on the hair types and needs. My current product lines aim to meet some of the most prevalent needs.The Jojoba Monoi products aims to rejuvenate and add moisture to your hair. The Peppermint Tea tree collections provides a deep cleanse for your hair and scalp.The Coconut Shea products are the newest from EDEN BodyWorks and they help to strengthen and nourish your hair as you style it! In addition to the products drinking plenty of water will be helpful.

You can learn about Jasmine on Eden BodyWorks website.

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