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Learn How To Further Your Business Goals Even When Your Internet Isn’t Working

So, last month I saw one of my clients while I was at his current place of employment. He mentioned that his internet was down and couldn’t do work. He did not want to per se go somewhere such as Starbucks or cafe to utilize their internet access. He asked me what could he do to further his business when his internet service was down, being the person I am I provide him a list of options. Then I thought this would be a great blog post for when you have spare time and do not know what to do.

Read A Book or Magazine

Everyone screams they do not have enough time to read. Honestly, I call bullshit on this one if I am honest. First, with the invention of Audiobooks, you can “read” while on the go. However, 15 minutes a day can be found to read especially if you want to learn. Reading has always been a great way for me to escape from what’s going on in the world. There was a time when you could find me the corner of Borders sitting on a window ledge reading. Every day, you should learn something new. Make a goal to read 7-12 books a year, there was time when I would read over 60. I have cut down to more books of substances that move the needle forward. Now, you have read for a little bit write down some ideas, thoughts, and concepts that spoke to you when you were reading.

Work On Financial Goals

One of my biggest, shake-ups this year was my money with it going up and down not being as consistent as I would personally like it. Did you know the average millionaire spends 2 hours a week managing their money? Then others spend between 2-4 hours a month! That is a huge difference, and it kind makes sense. No matter how much money you have you need to be a good steward over it. As a Christian, I give 10% to my church meaning I live off of 90%, but then on top of that, I save 10% too! Leaving off 80% does not take a lot of work because I am wiser. Invest in an excellent bookkeeping app or company. I prefer utilizing Go Daddy Bookkeeping its one small price and very simple to use. I don’t need a lot. If it’s your personal, there are programs such as Mint.

5 Ways to further your business goals even when your internet is acting funny. | Imperfect Concepts

Have Coffee With Friends

A couple of weeks ago, I came to Starbucks to work on Thursday evening. While there I meet two cousins who were working on their businesses. Even though they were not friends before meeting on that night, we chatted for two hours over coffee. It’s always great to check in with friends and see what’s going on. Reach out to see if someone wants to grab a cup of coffee or even your parents if you live in the same town. I love taking my mom to Starbucks for an hour to get out the house.

Me Time

This is a huge one that people complain about too! They say they do not have enough time to themselves and struggle with finding it. If your internet is down, take the time to decompress from everything in your life. One of my fave ways to decompress is to binge watch tv shows or just take a nap. I will end up utilize one of my essential oils to help me calm my body down and rest. I feel so much better after.

Write Out Your Goals

OMG, I use to be the person with twenty things on her yearly goal list. Let me tell you going into 2017; I will have seven or less! I am so excited for my three days getaway I do yearly. For the last two years, I have taken the 30th, 31st and 1st to decompress, pray and write my goals out for the year. I have yet decided where I will go this year, but I am going somewhere to get aligned. Stop making the long list that never gets done and then feels bad later they did not get done. Spend this time with your notebook writing out four to seven things you want to achieve and how you will get them done. One thing, I will start doing is my Kick Start Your Dream workshops in the new year something I have been holding onto forever. They will be 60-minute discovery classes where people walk out with clarity and a plan. Simple small classes that are ten people or less and cost is $125.

Now, you have no excuse when it comes to what to do when you’re internet is down!

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