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Seven Ways To Make An Extra $1,000 To Start The New Year Off Right

Early one November day, it hit me what would it be like if I had an extra “$1,000” for my business in the new year. The thought of the extra cash flow made me think of the things I would love to invest in to help my business grow. In addition to that, starting the year with $1,000 could transform my business situation. Getting me months ahead verse covering month to month. Next, thought was how could I make this happen. Last month, I wrote an article talking about no limits and bold actions regarding moving yourself forward. All these thoughts, helped me outline how I can increase my bank account by $1,000 for 2017 business year.

We have less than 24 days, left in this year and trust me its possible to make an extra $1,000 if you want it to manifest it in your life. Here is a complete run down of what you can do and several other ideas.

Side Hustles

Right now, you’re probably thinking my business is my side hustle because I am working on it part-time as I have a full-time job. What if you decided to focus on bringing in your $1,000 from other areas, not your small business. Right now, so many people are purging their homes to donate or just throwing stuff on the curb. You have a couple of options with this. You can go around your neighborhood and offer to help people with this. In college, I use to clean up people’s homes at my church. I would spend a Saturday decluttering their space, and they would pay me $200. Honestly, I had nothing else to do, so earning money was a great option. Now, when I help people declutter their homes, I ask if I can keep certain things to sell. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Run Errands For Neighbors
  • Clean out houses + garages
  • Walk dogs
  • Wrap Christmas gifts
  • Go Christmas shopping for people who are busy
  • Help eldering decorate their home for the holidays
  • Tutor kids during the holidays
  • Become an Uber driver
  • Become a Lyft driver
  • Make cute prints to sell on Etsy
  • Wash + detail cars in your neighborhood
  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Help schedule social media post for small business owners

Craiglist or Facebook Sale Section

I use to be the queen of upselling old furniture on Craigslist mainly because people just picked it up, no shipping required. One time, I bought five small filing cabinets for $5 a piece on the side of the road and then sold them on Craigslist for $25.00 a piece. So, my investment was $25, but I made $100 off of it. Every Tuesday is Trash day in my neighborhood this is the perfect time to pick up good furniture to list on Craiglist. Look into seeing what you can salvage to sell on Craigslist or Facebook.

Learn how to add an additional $1,000 to your pockets before 2017 starts. | Imperfect Concepts

Increase Your Business Revenue

Right now, how many transaction would you need to make $1,000 for your small business. That is 3.25 one on one consultations for me. However, most small businesses do not have tiered pricing. I am on small business websites all the time and prices range from $15-$45. That is a lot of transactions to make more. Adding tiered pricing is such a huge aspects most small business owners miss out on.  If you had two or three items in your store front that were $100 to $125 that would only take ten orders from customers. Here is a break down on making $1,000 for your business

  • $10 per item x 100 customers
  • $15 per item x 66.6 customers
  • $20 per item x 50 customers
  • $30 per item x 33.3 customers
  • $40 per item x 25 customers
  • $50 per item x 20 customers
  • $75 per item x 13.3 customers
  • $100 per item x 10 customers
  • $150 per item x 6.6 customers
  • $200 per item x 5 customers

I promise it might seem costly to have higher priced items, but you’re not giving your customers a chance to truly invest in you. You are only thinking how hard it is to sell one $30 item, but recently I went to buy someone a gift that was $19.99 and end up spending $50 because I found something I didn’t have to buy separates could purchase one set.

Sell Unwanted Items On eBay

eBay has been my biggest friend over the last couple months. I have been selling all my old clothes, tennis and more on there for almost sixty days. A couple of weeks ago, people were in the news for burning their New Balance shoes after Trump was elected. Instead of being dumb, the very next day I uploaded mine to eBay and made $25! These were shoes I was not even wearing. My eBay is not something special or wow, but listing items I do not need is the smartest way to make money.

Remove From Your Daily Life

What if for the next 24 days you no longer go out to eat, no more Starbucks or random trips to Target. One of my biggest money wasters is going to Target, or Marshall’s I will always find something in there. You will always find something in a place when you should be saving. I haven’t gone out to eat or ate fast food in 30+ days. I have saved over $300 this has been calculated by the fact I went over my credit card statement. Crazy thing, I was spending this money at Smoothie King or Jersey Mikes on a daily basis. What are you currently wasting money on every month, that you could be saving on? For example, I have Apple Music on my dad’s iPod touch, but its the family plan. Guess, what he is the only one using it. I should be on the $9.99 plan but its on the $14.99 which is $16.23 with tax. A year of Apple music at the wrong price is wasting $65.04 a year. That might not seem like a lot, but all that money adds up.

Switch Things Up

Switching banks helped me bring in an extra $300 for my small business. In addition to that, I saved me money when it comes to the fees I was receiving from invoicing and payment gateways. Time to cut the chord on things that are no longer serving you. At the start of the year, we want to Sling verse regular cable which saved us $50 per month! Honestly, it’s okay to be loyal to your pocketbook over these companies. A lot of these companies do not care about you, they are about the bottom line.

There are so many ways to add $1,000 to your bank account by the new year, but it takes action behind it. How can you immediately create actionable steps to help you reach your goal.

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