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What You Need To Know About SEO For Your Website

In recent months, more and more of my audience is coming from Google. Most service based companies will say their audience is coming from Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest is its search engine, but they aren’t Google. SEO has always been part of my company plans to help establish a global reach. One of the best things is hearing from people in other regions of the world such as Netherlands, Auckland or even Nigeria saying they found your website through Google. Then I become weird and be like “girl what were you searching” or “do you remember the phrases you were using”.

Bots Constantly Crawling

“Bots” are always crawling the web documenting every corner of it. Every 24 hours they are checking what’s on your website. The issue with so many businesses they are not updating their website every day. They might update once a month, and the rest of the information is well documented.

Name Your Photos

Every image utilized on your website should have your name in it. In addition to that, you need to name the photo or graphic. Too many times people will have a graphic on their website, and the file name is image_1980.jpg, and no one is searching that on Google, Yahoo or Bing. That’s what you have to remember. If I am looking for a women empowerment shirt, I will be inserting a somewhat particular phrase to help me. A perfect example would be to use “DSR Apparel Ms. Independent Women Empowerment” shirt as the file name. People are searching those phrases versus random numbers your camera gave the image.

Meta Tags

When you’re uploading your photo or graphic on your website, you can edit it. This is the time you put the meta tag. This is where you can put more information about the item in the photo. That information is what “bots” use to index your website. In addition to that, your future customers are searching those terms.

Google is my number one source for driving traffic to my site. Its all about mastering these six basic tips. | Imperfect Concepts

Don’t Stuff Your Website

Google and other search engines will penalize you if you stuff your site with keywords. You’re hoping those keywords will increase your ranking. This will only help you get banned from their search engines. Stuffing your website would be like “I really love coffee. Coffee makes me happy. I drink black coffee every day from Starbucks.” The bots will notice you are putting an alarming about of the same keyword over and over in your content.

Utilize Permalinks

Every page on your website needs to have a permalink that helps your SEO. Most people have permalinks like www.yourdomain.com/page_123. Verses having www.yourdomain.com/abouttasha or www.yourdomain.comaboutimperfectconcepts. This provides actually content to be documented online the web.

Localize Your Website

Even if you’re an online business, you need to make sure that you have things such as Yelp page for reviews. Also, providing your contact information on your website. You can add Google map to your site stating that your business is in a particular city and state. Mention your company name in your bio, FAQ, Privacy Policy and TOS. Because if a customer is looking to support a local jewelry company they can come across your website.

SEO is not hard or something you need to dedicate 5 hours a week to work on. It honestly comes naturally and should be effortless to you. You will not rise to the top of Google within the first sixty days of owning a company. It comes to refining and figuring out what works for your business.

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