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Cool Apps to Download Now

In this day in age, everyone’s life revolves around technology, specifically apps that help to make our lives run a little smoother. Most people tend to stick to their garden-variety selection of apps, that is until they hear of much cooler ones like the ones suggested here. These will help to revolutionize your personal or business life. Scouring our social sphere, we asked what people’s must apps were.

To our surprise, leisure apps where high on the list for the start-up community. Don’t fret, we also hear there are some amazing productivity apps that too will make you and your business a rock star. Here is a breakdown of cool apps to get now.

SongBooth AppSongBooth: Are you an amazing singer or artist? Looking for a new platform to sing your heart out on? Well meet SongBooth! This app has won prestigious awards all over the globe. In addition, celebrities such as Ryan Leslie, Sway from MTv and Miguel are amongst its hugest fans. This app allows you to record your own music and then share it across social media. Hey, you might even land a recording contract!

Made With Design Studio AppStudio Design: So I will confess, I have a slight addiction to this app! Serious addiction. Wanting to take my instagram photo’s up a notch, this app did just that. After discovering Studio Design, I didn’t even think to open my other apps for the simple reason that this app does it all. What is cool about it? You can “remix” other people’s photos, helping creatives have even more fun. Beware you will get addicted!

See Word Spelling Game AppSee Word: Are you looking to work your mind and test your vocabulary skills at the same time? Then meet your match with the See Word game. I was first introduced to this app by Aimee of Song of Style, on instagram. Words can be created by flipping and rotating the titles around. You are also timed while doing this. Great app for when you are idle in line or waiting to catch a plane.

Elevatr Productivity App for Business OwnersElevatr: Are you a start-up or looking to launch your own business? Well the Elevatr app is just want you need to think through your thoughts and brainstorm your amazing plans. You go from idea, to action, to plan- all in one app. I think it’s pretty cool and makes some of the other productivity apps we have been using seem obsolete.

Wunderlist Productivity AppWunderlist: Do you have long to-do list? Are they never getting done because they are on paper, in emails, and all of the many other places we tend to jot down our notes or ideas on? Cut it all down, and simply get Wunderlist. It simplifies it all! Before discovering this app, I was using Evernote, which was great, but I literally felt it had too much going on. Sometimes you crave simplicity that works. This app does exactly that. What could be better? 6 million users cant be wrong.

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Are you using any of these apps right now to help relieve stress or take your business to the next level? If so, which ones? Also, what are your must have apps?


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