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How to create a mini eCourse

In, Passive Income: Make Money In Your Sleep, I touched lightly on how to create eCourses as a means of income for your business. Today, I wanted to expand on that subject. More specifically, I want to teach you how to create a mini eCourse that you can either, offer a free opt-in to increase subscribers or you can sell it for a low cost on your website. Both ways can help increase your creditability and display your expertise in your industry. 

Creating video content as an eCourse– for those who translate their thoughts and words better through visual aids, instead of, transcribing said ideas into an eBook or a guide, –is a really great idea.

Outline eCourse

What do you want your eCourse to be about? Remember the purpose of this is to build creditability, trust, and expertise. You do not have to create a 12 week syllabus of content for it to be an amazing eCourse. You could easily take one of the ideas from, 45 Ideas For Passive Income For Small Business, and turn it into an eCourse for your company. Bonus points if you create., an introduction video telling them what they will learn from the next several videos. Mind map all of the eCourse out before actually sitting down to record your program.

eCourse Content

Your mini eCourse content should consist of a couple of things such as:

  • 3-4 videos
  • Worksheets
  • Screen share

Most people who purchase eCourses are visual and hands on learners. It is really important for you to use all three of these elements in your program. When you are mind mapping these ideas out make sure you include the worksheets. This is an incentive that helps people follow along. Even something as simple as a check off list to go with each video is great. When I did “How To Execute An Idea Like A Boss”, I included a PDF to go along with the article. If you read the article and have the PDF next to you, it makes things simpler for you.

Screensharing content is another great feature. Say your idea is teaching a beginners class on how to use Photoshop. Actually having video of you talking about what you will do, plus a video showing step by step is perfect. This will clue your audience into what you will be discussing and then they can watch you do it.

Step by step guide on how to create a mini course to sell to your audience. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness #BusinessAdvice #eCourse #HowTo

Pricing Option

As mentioned earlier, you have two options when it comes to charging for this mini eCourse. You can give this content away to new subscribers of your newsletter. Having a free opt-in on your website is always a great way to grow your email marketing subscribers. You also have the option of selling this mini eCourse to your audience. Both options are great. However, if you decide to sell this, make sure you already have some type of free incentive in your newsletter. For the last couple of months, I have been working on a couple different free opt-in options for my current companies. These opt-in’s are mainly to grow your subscriber list. All the PDF guides could be blog post or sold for profit. Instead, I opted to give them away. For a mini eCourse price point, I would stick to the $99 price range. This is a great product to lead up to a higher tiered product later down the line. Remember all products should build off of each other, to generate funnels of sales later down the line.

Delivery of eCourse

Most importantly, create a website to sell the product first. If you don’t have a website to sell it on, I would suggest launching a simple website on WordPress. Find an endless one page sales template that you can link this product to. If you already have a website complete, you can automate this class through MailChimp. It’s included with a $10+ a month account. You have other platform options to sell digital products on as well, like Etsy and Gumroad. In my opinion, having a sales page and then funneling the actual automation through MailChimp is way simpler.

If you are a visual business owner, creating a mini eCourse program would be great for your audience. Your audience is 9 times out 10 visual learners just like you.

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