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Behind The Scenes Of My Creative Process

I’m going to share something with you that’s going to increase your productivity, especially in the creative area of your business. I only create when I’m feeling creative. Heavens doors open and angels begin to sing. It’s really that simple. If I’m not feeling creative I don’t create. I don’t force any thing when it comes to my business, especially not, the content I put out. On average, I am producing some type of content on a daily basis on social media, through blogging, or with a product for ICB Consults. That’s a plethora of information being produced on a daily basis, that could result in a burn out. I would prefer not burn out.

Flexible Schedule

My days don’t really have a structure that I adhere to. Please note: Imperfect Concepts is my full-time job and I do not have a husband or kids. My daily goal is to put in 6 to 7 hours. I don’t judge myself or get mad when I don’t actually complete those hours. That’s how you create thoughts of failure in your mind. I believe in freedom. There have been days I was supposed to do money management, which is usually Monday, and instead I was inspired to write content for a newsletter series. Be okay with moving stuff around on your schedule.

Sketch It Out

I carry a sketch book 80% of the time; if I have my work bag with me. If I don’t have one, I use a napkin or whatever is near me to draw on. It’s important to get ideas out when they pop in your head. There have been too many times when I didn’t sketch something out or wrote something down. It took me days to remember. I’d rather not be in that position. It’s great to use tools such as Wunderlist to write things down and to save photos. I am not Picasso when it comes to drawing, but I can get the job done. This makes it a lot easier for in my opinion, Audra, my graphic designer. She can visually see the product I am telling her about. Before, I would just say I want XYZ and my old graphic designers wouldn’t get that it done. This has sped up production with my products.

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Three Times Makes It Perfect

Sketches and content for digital products are written or sketched out 3 times. This might seem redundant to some but Coach James in high school taught me this. I’m dyslexic. He said this would be great for me, it would help get all my ideas out of my head. If you ever saw my sketch books, you would see the same website page designed over & over several times with little adjustments. This truly works. I also hand write the content for the digital products 3 times each, and then I upload them for my content editor to review.

Don’t Copy or Emulate Others

Here’s another thing only a handful of my friends know. I rarely read other people’s business blogs or anything of that nature. It’s not that I don’t want to support the great creative minds or bloggers out there. However, we tend to let others influence us and we don’t even realize it. I would rather my content not be similar or like so and so’s blog. I want the content and products I produce to be unique to my brand. Tasha’s voice completely. That’s why the content I write is different from others. I am going to write about what I know, at my experience level. A post on how to generate 10,000 YouTube followers is something I won’t write about. Imperfect Concepts TV is starting to get consistent with video content weekly.

You have to be your own business. Tap into your creativity, it doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s to succeed. It should be your voice and your style.

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