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How To Create & Share Printables On WordPress

Last month, I created my first free PDF guide, “How To Execute An Idea Like A Boss“. Before then, I had been creating digital products for distribution on ICB Consults platform. The same process of idea-sketch-edit-design-build buzz-release that I previously discussed in, “The Creative Process of Digital Products”, went into the creation of the guide.

Being able to create and share free printables on WordPress is the perfect way to build trust with your audience. You’re giving away something and providing knowledge. Technically, I went backwards so to speak. The only free content that I had was on here and the blog. There were no digital products for people to preview if my quality of work was worth the amount I charged. That wasn’t my approach. I’m more of a “show you that I am an expert with my knowledge” and that would in turn will make the sales for me.

Create The Printable

This is pretty simple. Determine what you want to give your audience. Be intentional in what you are giving away for free. Always be strategic when dealing with your business; the dots need to connect. My products all build off of each other. You need pieces in order for your puzzle to be complete. This is the perfect time to give out a piece that your audience will need for a specific part of a digital product that you are launching. Let’s say that there is a part of your eBook that doesn’t feel right to you standing on its own as a chapter. You can make this your free printable.

Social Media

Share what you’re about to do. This is essential to garnering buzz, getting downloads, and page views. Even if it’s a free product, you want to drive traffic to it. Before launching the “How To Execute An Idea Like A Boss” guide, I shared a teaser on social media a week prior. Then the night before, I reminded my audience that the post was going live the next day. In addition to that, I told them if they don’t want to miss the post they should sign up for a blog to email subscription. Thus, driving subscribers to my website.

Easy guide on how to create a printable to provide to your blogging audience. | Imperfect Concepts #Blogging #SmallBusiness #Wordpress

Write The Blog Post

Don’t just give them a generic boring post; that does nothing from them. The PDF that you’re giving away should add to the content you are providing. The sharable printable I created provides an option for audience members to complete it after the blog post.

Adding Media To WordPress

Click the “Add Media” button on your blog post and upload the PDF file you created. Yes, it’s just like uploading a regular media file. Next, you will see a photo of a paper with words on it. It is not going to be a photo like you’re used to. You are fine. Make sure you name the file exactly what it is going to be called. It’s better for SEO and Pinterest.

  • Examples of what Not To Do: Free Printable
  • Example of what To Do: How To Execute An Idea Life A Boss

How To Upload Free Shareable Printable

Link File

Copy the link of the file that is in the above photo. You will use this link to hyperlink your PDF guide for download. Make it easy for people to download the file. This is the file, click the link, and you will have access to it. Simple.
Upload Free Shareble Printable

Bonus: create a stackable image of your PDF guide with styled stock photography. This way you can share a pretty image with your audience and on social media.

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