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Invoice Systems To Utilize For Your Small Business

Some business owners gloss right over money management. That happens to be one of the top reasons businesses go under so quickly. I am very adamant about managing my companies finances. It’s crazy how I can be so anal about my business finances yet be lackadaisical with my personal finances. This year I made sure to get them under control. Debt Free by 2016, hopefully. We will discuss how to tackle consumer and student loan debt next month. However, right now, I’m going to share about how I invoice my clients. 

Almost two years ago, I was introduced to Wave, by my old website developer. We were in Starbucks and he was talking with another client about their invoice system. He wasn’t my developer at the time. I was eavesdropping lol. I inquired about it and he told me how easy it was to use the Wave App.

I immediately signed up for the program, but to be honest, I was really overwhelmed by the program. At the time I was using Go Daddy Bookkeeping to handle my invoices, income, expenses, and my other business data. Unfortunately, I was having issues with their system not sending clients their invoices and a few other complications. So I learned about the Wave App at the perfect time.

Now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, Wave is super easy for me. Here is how you can set up an account, in addition to, setting up invoices for your client.

Wave Home

Next click “Invoices” on the right side of your dashboard.

Create Invoice

Click “Create an Invoice”.

Next, a screen will pop up for the invoice. You will see:

Invoice Information

  • an Invoice number
  • a Due Date
  • an Invoice Date

Invoice due date

You can select the date or allow the system to push it out to a 15, 30, 45, 60, or 90 day mark.

Select Client

Who are you invoicing (select your clients name)?  If you are inputting a new client, it will allow you to input all of their data at that time.

Invoice Product

What product are you selling? You can add a “New Product” if you don’t have one stored. In addition to, adding a description, the cost, and its taxes.

Review Invoice

Click “Save and View”. You can review the invoice before you send it out.

Review Invoice Amount

Finally, press send. You can add an extra message, if you like. One of the reasons I like using Wave to invoice is, clients have the option to pay on their invoices. They don’t have to pay it all immediately. Obviously, it is better to get only one payment, but this feature is great for clients who need extra time to pay.

Send Invoice

You can also establish reoccurring payments and statements for your audience. Who are you using for your small business invoice needs?

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