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How To Make Time For Your Business

How many times have you stated, “I don’t have enough time to run my business?” or “The days are blurring together and I’m not getting anything done”. This is a reoccurrence with small business owners who first launch their companies. Time management is huge when launching, especially, if you are still working a 9 to 5, have a family, and a million other priorities that are vying for your attention.

Gary Vee wrote an article, What You’re Not Getting About Creating a Community, that really got me thinking about why people are not succeeding in their business. He outlines several great points. One that he doesn’t really mention is drop the entitlement and lazy mentality. Get to work.

If you have time for:

  • Personal social media time
  • Watching YouTube videos displaying cute cats
  • Online shopping
  • Reading Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire or others for pleasure
  • Vacationing
  • Brunch

And any other time sucker that is not geared towards your business, then you have more than enough time to invest into your business. You must first drop the entitlement, excuses, and more and get to work.

24 Tips To Help You Make Time For Your Business

  1. Wake up an extra hour early
  2. Designate days of the week that are specifically focused on certain aspects of business
  3. For every 30 minutes of Tv double the time for work
  4. Put your phone on do not disturb during office hours
  5. Use editorial calendars, planners, and more to schedule your day
  6. Get an accountability partner
  7. Stay up an extra hour at night
  8. Automate your emails
  9. Schedule social media post for certain times of the day
  10. Create a schedule and stick to it
  11. Hire people to help free up time in areas you lack expertise
  12. Maximize the weekend by waking up early and working
  13. Join local community groups focused on small business
  14. Share your business on the go with social media apps
  15. Write blog post from phone or tablets with a blogging app
  16. Reward yourself for meeting goals
  17. Create SMART Goals to achieve your dreams
  18. Take classes that help you grow in business
  19. Plan projects months in advance
  20. Use project management tools and resources
  21. Turn off the Tv when working
  22. Use paper and pen to write ideas to avoid using social media
  23. Determine what hours you work your best and maximize in them
  24. Avoid answering emails and working from bed, get dressed and sit at your desk

My favorite thing to tell people is to be greater than your excuses. You are your only weakest link. You can achieve anything you put your mind to if you are willing to put the time in to succeed. What tips do you have to help make time for your business?

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