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Creating SEO Friendly Photos For Your Website

Have you ever wondered, how images appeared in search engines? For the longest time I never paid attention to it nor knew how until launching a business. The answer to how is people took the time to make sure that the images they uploaded to their websites are SEO rich in keywords. Making sure you create SEO friendly photos for your website is a great way for future customers or clients to discover you.

Create Beautiful Imagery

As simple as this seems, so many business owners don’t think about their product images. A plethora of hard work goes into making great product photos, service photos, and graphics. Make sure you are using the right lighting, camera, backdrops, and more. We shared 13 Tips To Help Increase Your Photography Skills last month. This is one of the most important parts of creating SEO friendly photos. If the image is not appeasing to the eye its least likely to get pinned or much more.

Size Matters

Every graphic or image on your website should have consistency to it. All thumbnail images should be the same size, all blog graphics should be the same dimension be it vertical or horizontal. You want users to see the same sizing no matter what product you upload to your website. The bigger the file the longer it takes to load. Also, you don’t want a huge image taking up the majority of the website when a person clicks to zoom in. Learn the right sizing for all types of images that you will have on your site; call to action banners, product images, stock image for service, small call to action banners, thumbnails, favicon and much more.

Creating SEO friendly photos for your website #imperfectconcepts


Calling a beautiful necklace with emeralds and diamonds file 33443 will not get your business the hits you want on the web. People are not searching for those numbers. Make sure you name each and every product to ensure that it is registering with the search engines.


Image descriptions are very important indicators that contain a plethora of the keywords people use to search for images. The description is a group of words captioned for images you are using to show on the internet. Make sure you are very descriptive when writing this. You are writing for those without eyes per se. The internet is not seeing the image, it is reading the words you use to describe said image. People will search “emerald and diamond necklace” in Google or Bing.

Alt Attribute

This is mistakenly called Alt Tag by most people but it is known as Alt Attribute. This is when you supply the image with the correct information so people can find it. This is not a place you stuff keywords in hopes it will increase your SEO ranking. Provide useful information when doing your Alt Tag.

Using beautiful images with the correct name, description, ALT Tags, and size will help your business tremendously. You are making it easier for individuals to find your business when they utilize search engines.

What steps can you take today to help create SEO friendly photos for your website to get noticed on search engines and much more?


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