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Gift Giving On An Entrepreneur Budget

Holiday season is in full swing and you are eager to give your friends, clients, and loved ones the best holiday experience they’ve had, thus far. Which is a normal feeling to have as well as it’s normal to want to give to others, especially those you care about. However, breaking your budget to do so is a huge no no. Gift giving on an entrepreneur budget does not have to be hard or anything of that nature.


Before you spend a penny, look over your budget to make sure you have the funds to do the holiday season how you envision. Most people don’t remember who gave them what six months or even a year ago. Its more important to create memories that touch the soul. If you are wanting to give a gift, make sure it has sentimental value that they can cherish. If you have a $250 budget for your friends and family stick to it. Don’t feel pressured to out spend or out give to be the queen bee of gift giving.

Think Small

Honestly, I believe you can get better deals when you support local small business owners. These gifts that you purchase will be more exclusive versus mass produced. If you have friends and family members who love jewelry there is a multitude of hand crafted pieces you can get. Supporting local women who make each piece to order. Or if your friends who have been dying for a clutch or handbag you can go the same route. There is a small business out there that can solve your gifting giving needs. Gift giving for an entrepreneur budget #imperfectconcepts

Great Impact

What do your family and friends really need to succeed in life? Are they trying to launch their own business? Needing help paying tuition or needing help with their kids one or two days a week? Gifts that come from the heart that have a greater impact on their lives matter more. I have clients who want to know more about photography staging and photoshop. Gifting them classes to Nicole’s Classes website would be amazing gift to them. Its a gift that shows you are paying attention and want them to go to new heights. This holiday season make sure your gifts have a greater impact than just the “oh wow feeling” once they open it. Gift giving on an entrepreneur budget is not hard. Its about thinking smart about how you want to impact those around you by lifting them up. You can still give them beautiful shiny gifts if you like. Find a small business owner who can help you with that. Have you set a holiday budget to help ensure your gift giving this season doesn’t break the bank? What are you gifting your loved ones this year.

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