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Finding Your Voice in A Crowded Market

Article after article will tell you that your company has to be everywhere – just so you can reach your “target demographic”. Their idea is that it will benefit you to practically spread yourself thin, hoping you will get a ROI on an investment. What most of these big content based sites fail to realize is it is just you — not a legion of employees and a staff dedicated solely to social media.

Finding your voice in a crowded market can be hard if you try to be everything to everyone on each of the 300+ social media platforms. However as a small business owner, just like you niched down your business, you need to focus on what works for you: this helps your business have a solid voice.

Blogging For Business

Is a great way for you to have a voice that stands out. A majority of shopping carts have blog integrations so there’s no need to link blogger, Typepad or even WordPress to it. Just go to your dashboard to see if they have the option. Your blog is yours-share your business, vision, goals and dreams. Give your customers or clients insight to what it is like to run your company. Shooting a lookbook for the fall? Create a BTS (behind the scene) post on the subject matter. Use this platform to become a source in your industry. Share interesting facts, tidbits and lists to help your readers trust you even more. Blogging can help your business, especially with SEO. It something to seriously consider.

Social Media For Small Business

It can be a nightmare of sorts. Last I heard, there are over 300+ social media channels people can choose from. All serve different purposes, find the ones that work for you, I recommend using a minimum of 2-3 platforms. We are on several of them but truly TwitterPinterestInstagram gives us the best ROI for our business. After Facebook and their ever changing algorithms people can hardly see small businesses post, unless you have a lot of money to pay them too. If you are not that social media savvy you have two options: use scheduling programs such as Buffer or Hootsuite. They will schedule your post for a plethora of platforms to go out at a designated time. Next would be hiring a company to actually run and monitor your social media platforms.

Talk About What You Know

In this digital age everyone is an expert or at least they believe they are. Be the expert in your field. By blogging and using social media – this can happen. Say you have an organic beauty body line as your business. You should know all the in’s and out’s about the industry. Share knowledge about the industry, having a fun fact day. Even share your process of how you got where you are, who mentored you and how they paved the way. Engage constantly with your readers and followers. People often feel if they don’t give away how they make something they will lose customers – this is false. As it states in other articles, several experts and more giveaway their trade secrets and people keep supporting them monetarily.

You want your audience to feel connected to you and want them to reach out. People shop and support people they trust.

Are you using any of these steps to build trust with your audience? How is it working for your business?

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